Riley Breckenridge (THRICE)- 31,556,926 Moments

Good times


This tiny photo grid is just a small collection of photos I have taken during good times over the past few months.

 (From top left Clockwise: An Old fashioned (homemade) on my patio table; Beautifully vivid caterpillar in the garden sitting upon the parsley; Ferris wheel at The Bamboozle in Asbury Park, New Jersey; A Sazerac at Plan B Burger Bar in Milford, CT; The library stacks and stain glass window at the Pequot Library in Southport, CT.




maya and papa

I realize that I have not posted a blog in over a year. I miss writing. I plan to get back into the swing of things very soon. This picture is me and my daughter Maya. She is 9 months old now and I am so in love with her. She will be my new motivation for writing. I don’t know if anyone still reads my blog but I am planning on bringing you new content soon.


Open me up and bleed me dry. I was waiting for something but nothing ever came. Tie me up and torture my senses. I hope I can give  the answers that you need. I wait and wait and wait some more. Don’t give up on me. I wont give up on you.

IC Bracelet Campaign: Tony


Invisible Children may have passed their bill through congress but the war is not over yet. Attacks are becoming more aggressive and more deadly. This video highlights Tony. He overcame a very difficult time and became a mentor to others. Tony joined Invisible Children’s Face To Face Tour and spoke about growing up in a war-torn Village and what he had to go through in order to survive. Warning: This video is another tear jerker.

I’m an empty hole. Words fall and fail to meet a waiting ear. No light and no dark. I’m bleeding on the floor. I’m a vacuum, empty of matter. A sterile and lonely being. So deserted like a dusty toy on the shelf with dead batteries. I’m the lack in your life. I’m the beginning of what you won’t start. I’m the end of what you can’t finish.

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A Lack of Color

Sad Ambulance

The electric night spoke only truths. We were in fact at that moment the exact height of the empire state building. Bridges were built and crossed only to be destroyed by the cavalry. A single siren so sweet and meaningful. A cry, a wail, a sigh. The city is saturated in fun and promise but none for you my friend. I’ll have a whiskey sour yet not a sip for you. A fall, a cut, a 911 call. The joy is presented by the sounds of the others. All you want is love. All you want is a friend. On this night of August nights you sacrifice for all. An ambulance openly weeping, And you and I are the only ones to notice

Morning Walk

The lush vegetation covers the countryside like a thick down comforter. The blue sky looks so magnificent juxtaposed with the green mountain blanket. The faint puffs of white cotton balls compliment the morning sky. Butterflies fill my belly and also flutter among the atmosphere in a floating stupor. A gentle breeze swirls along the ground blowing through the grass pulling up dandelion seeds and throwing them up through the air. These lovely white beings dance like marionnettes as they glisten in the sunlight. The flowers look up at the day and laugh with their vivid and luminous colors.


The Arizona based band Lydia announced a lot of big news in July of 2010. First the band is releasing a new album, which promises to be their best work to date. They also announced a headlining US tour. The bad news is that this will be a farewell tour and the final Lydia album. If you get a chance to see Lydia play one of their final shows I would encourage it. Lydia is very talented and they use vocal and musical dynamics with a lot of melodies and harmonies. When you hear Lydias music you become one with the atmosphere and emotions. Lydias songs sweep you up and carry you away on a beautiful bubble of masterful art. Go to the bands MySpace page and listen to their songs and watch their videos. I guarantee that you will fall in love with Lydia.


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