Sad Ambulance

The electric night spoke only truths. We were in fact at that moment the exact height of the empire state building. Bridges were built and crossed only to be destroyed by the cavalry. A single siren so sweet and meaningful. A cry, a wail, a sigh. The city is saturated in fun and promise but none for you my friend. I’ll have a whiskey sour yet not a sip for you. A fall, a cut, a 911 call. The joy is presented by the sounds of the others. All you want is love. All you want is a friend. On this night of August nights you sacrifice for all. An ambulance openly weeping, And you and I are the only ones to notice


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5 responses to “Sad Ambulance

  • Romi

    Are you on crack?! This post is amazing! I understand the plight of that ambulance, there is no last call for the ambulance at the bar because there was never a first call! Just tragic…

    Seriously even if I didn’t know what I know, this post rocked! :-)

    PS: the cavalry that destroys the bridge is the cavalry of uggos!!!! HAHAHA….yes, this was totally what I needed to read…thanks!

  • Justin

    @Romi- New York, a city I have visited so many times before. A city I have always somewhat feared and hated. Yet, now…now I hold some of my fondest memories in this city. Thank you for surprising me in this great volitile city and opening my mind even more.

  • Romi

    I’m SO glad you have a new perspective on New York! I really truly believe that it’s the people you’re around in this mad crazy city that make it whatever it will be to you; stand alone amongst ten million uggos and it’s not so great a place; but I stood there with some of the best friends in the world, so now it’s a city that I absolutely adore… :-)

  • chloe

    that photo ties in so well with your words & i like the post title

  • Maren

    Justin, you are amazing. That is all.

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