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IC Bracelet Campaign: Tony


Invisible Children may have passed their bill through congress but the war is not over yet. Attacks are becoming more aggressive and more deadly. This video highlights Tony. He overcame a very difficult time and became a mentor to others. Tony joined Invisible Children’s Face To Face Tour and spoke about growing up in a war-torn Village and what he had to go through in order to survive. Warning: This video is another tear jerker.



I drove my old unfaithful in a mindless fashion and met number seventy-nine. I parked in a parallel fashion in the nearest space to the door. There I sat, content in the fresh, cool, air-conditioned car. I turned the key backwards and the low hum of the engine and the sound of the car radio were immediately silenced. With a general feeling of resignation I grabbed the handle of the door and pulled. The car door swung open with a creek and the stagnant heat punched me in the face as I had feared it would. The thermometer on the dashboard read 93 degrees. I dragged myself with a defeated persona to my front door jiggling the key in the lock before swinging the heavy wooden barrier open. Entering my apartment I immediately hit the fan. I stood in front of the old plastic and metal box which decorated my window like some kind of souvenir from 20 years ago. A zephyr politely greeted the beads of sweat which had accumulated upon my brow. A cooling sensation caused a shiver and the dewy droplets evaporated into the air. A melting aura of relaxation draped my being and I liquified and fell onto the couch. I tried to combat this sleepiness which had overtaken me but to no avail. Instantly my mind filled with moving images. Tree tops were swaying to and fro and people began to whisper. There was a silent stream which was surrounded by long grass. Picturesque clouds filled the sky like fluffy cotton balls. I fell into a deep sleep and began to drool from the corner of my mouth. Scents and colours and feelings were all so vivid. I knew that this seemed too perfect. I knew I was dreaming. I fought with my mind and I finally woke up. I maintained a state of reality for more than a few moments and realized that I was on my couch in front of the window fan. I took a careless hand and wiped the crust and drool which had formed on my face, I walked into the hallway. I climbed several flights of stairs and exited outside to the roof. Pulling out my favorite Zippo, I light a cigarette and drew the smokey air from the filter end of the rod. I closed my eyes for a moment. Suddenly my mind began to rush with thoughts. Memories and ideas proliferated and flooded my brain. A swift surge of energy and power came sweeping over my entire body and then nothing.

Abrupt and fatal ending!


Congress has passed the Invisible Children’s LRA disarmament act. There is still a lot of work to be done in the future in order to bring the child soldiers home. Together we have all helped bring Africa’s longest running war to an end. Thank you!!

IC Haiti

Invisible Children is teaming up with Charity: Water for an incredible event that will provide the displaced people of Haiti with clean water. Invisible Children recently won $1 Million and now they are donating $100,000 in order to help drill wells and latrines. IC is able to do this because of you. We have all come together and supported the Invisible Children in trying to stop the longest running war in Africa. We have donated our time, money, voices and bodies in order to let the world know that we want justice for the children in Uganda. Now IC is speaking out and putting their money towards other people who are suffering in the world. The earthquake in Haiti destroyed these peoples lives. Men, women and children were killed in an instant. Homes were leveled and food supplies contaminated and ruined. Within hours of the event, the world knew what had happened. Visit Invisible Children and Charity: Water to see what they are doing to help.

Thank You

Be A Roadie!!

Invisible Children wants you to be a roadie. Listen to these stories from past roadies. It will change your life and you will become part of a movement. APPLY BY OCTOBER 21st!!!


Who Made Your Bag?

This question is for men and women that use any kind of bag. In general we don’t know or care where our clothing came from. We have become conditioned not to ask. As long as we are getting inexpensive products that look good it doesn’t even cross our minds that people are being exploited in order for you to look good. INVISIBLE CHILDREN and MEND are working together to allow the makers of MEND bags to be recognized. These are women that live in the poorest parts of the world. Each bag will have the bag makers name on it and a website where you will be able to see a profile of the bag maker. INVISIBLE CHILDREN is once again taking steps to help.

One Percent


Only one percent of the population of America holds the money. The millionaires and billionaires and rich corporate pigs. They have more money than you or I could spend in a lifetime. I strive to take that one percent. I will one day earn that money. I will win lotto or become a great inventor. I will enter the elite status and I will give. I will give to charities and suppoprt groups. I will give to research and free clinics. I will give to the poor. I will give and give and give again. Only one percent of Americans are elite because they keep the money in their own fat filthy pockets. I am no better than a homeless person living behind that supermarket. Why should I eat well while he digs for his dinner in a dumpster?