Playing God

I want to start by saying that I have no religion. I was raised Catholic but over the years have come to accept that religion is not for me. Although I am personally against religion I have no problem with anyone who wants to practice. My lack of religion has allowed me to ask questions without accepting blindly. Being an open-minded person I have humored myself with many different scenarios of existence. I want to explain one scenario that has stuck in my mind for a long time. If nothing else it is informative and humorous.

Human beings are intelligent creatures. When we think of life and existence, we tend to put ourselves at the center of everything. We use other creatures as food, transportation, garments… We also utilize the worlds resources. These things have become essential to our daily lives. We have created a world in which we can function to the best of our abilities, no matter where we are. Even less developed countries have technology that did not exist hundreds of years ago. Humans have built technology up to a staggering level. We have television, cell phones, the interweb, Mp3 players and so on. We have extended life spans by way of medical technology. We have added innovations to televisions which allow us to see images in high-definition or 3 dimensions. We have computers in the pockets of our designer jeans. We drive energy-efficient vehicles which allow us to travel long distances. Humans have created a world in which almost anything is fathomable.

This brings me to my theory. First, there is a question. Where did WE come from? GOD? Well, that depends on what god is. My theory takes into consideration that god is or was a being. My idea of god is one that was not omnipotent, omniscient nor omnibenevolent but a being who wanted answers. God created man as some sort of experiment. As humans we can understand the need for wanting to know more. We are conducting experiments at CERN in Switzerland in order to try to figure out how the universe was created. We constantly seek answers to questions about life and existence. Lets just say that God was trying to figure out answers to questions too. Lets also assume that god is a creature (an ant, dog, bird…). What if god created us in order to find a super intelligent being? Humans are undoubtably very intellectual.  This is the key to my theory. When god created us (super intelligent beings) he/she/it became obsolete. In an instant god became just a being and humans became god. We have come so far with technology where we are now building a world. We act as god by trying to make a world where people live long and healthy lives. We travel across the world at incredible speeds. We monitor lives via the internet, security systems and computer data bases. We live among our creators and yet we have no idea that they created us.

What is next? Humans have expanded Infomation Technology (IT) to a level we never assumed possible. IT professionals have predicted that IT will continue to grow every year. We are making computers faster and more user-friendly. We trust computers with all of our information. We type in social security numbers, passwords and credit card numbers. We upload photos and videos of friends, family and loved ones. Computers have become such an important component to our existence that it would now be difficult to imagine a world in which they did not exist. Computers are so important that we continue to try to make them better and faster. IT professionals claim that in this lifetime they will create computers that will have awareness of self. What exactly does this mean? If a computer is self-aware that means the computer is a being. If you unplug your self-aware computer, you are turning off a life. Computers have every tool necessary to become more intelligent and much more functional in society. We rely on computers so much. Just as we were created by a less intelligent being so continues the passing of the torch. Once we create a computer with self-awareness we then become obsolete. What purpose would we have in society? Computers would be able to understand what is needed in order to live. Planes, automobiles and trains could govern themselves. Computers would be able to constantly upgrade themselves. They would become faster, smarter and stronger. Humans would be as useful as a common house cat. Sooner or later the computers would create another “being” which would make them obsolete as well and so on.

This was one of many theories. I understand that it might sound like the ramblings of a drunk man but honestly, have you read the bible? A virgin with a child, a man in the sky, a dead man who comes back to life. If I were born at the right time you would all be reading my stories and claiming it as truth. Don’t take religion too seriously. Ask yourselves questions before you accept blindly. Who knows? You might stumble across the key to your existence.


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4 responses to “Playing God

  • chloe

    have you read the bible? A virgin with a child, a man in the sky, a dead man who comes back to life – i don’t believe any of it
    i went to a christian school & religion was complusory until year 9, then i stopped taking that class because i knew at the age of 14 i didn’t believe and i wanted to think for myself

    i’m not against anyone who believes, it’s their choice just as its mine to believe nothing

    i liked your entry

  • Justin

    @Chloe- Thank you. I know religion is a tricky subject to write about. I actually don’t believe my theory. I made it all up one night while I was sitting with a friend on my balcony and sharing stories about the world. I have other far out concepts too. I think these are the things I might start blogging about.

  • Romi

    Oh my god (god?, haha)…this was one of the best posts I’ve ever read…about anything! Seriously, I was expecting to almost laugh and be amused by a crazy theory, but something happened as I was reading your post, that I just kept nodding my head going “wow…that makes a weird kind of sense!”, particularly when you got to the “computers being self aware” beings and then the inevitable takeover.

    And then, this sentence simply scared me: “Humans would be as useful as a common house cat.”


    It’s amazing though, how someone’s thought, can spur someone else’s thought cycle, and then so on, and so on…that’s why I think Philosophy is such an interesting subject that each person should be exposed to at least once, allowing them to sort of “take it from there” with their mind in the driver’s seat….because…what is most useful about humans at the moment? It’s the power of thought, and how that can change things one way or another.

    Just imagine a world where people ask their own questions, and go out into the world searching for their own meanings in a peaceful way, vs. blind acceptance, and essentially shutting off a crucial “thought center” in their brain (and no, organized religion is not for me ;-) …)

    Love it!

  • lori78

    Have I read the Bible? Oh yes I have. Many times. But it is not intended to be read in one sitting like a novel.

    At first the stories seemed to me just like bedtime stories, entertaining and most of the time tragic. It has taken me a long time to accept it as truth for I, too, am not a fan of blind acceptance. Organized religion have heaped lies on people for centuries. That’s why I have searched for myself. If I had relied on the Catholic Church for answers, I wouldn’t be a believer now.

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