A Kingdom Created

You and I shall rule this place. From atop our kingdom of clarity we set our sights upon a world of insanity and ignorance. Your plans to bring the sky crashing down might just work. Perhaps the robots and aliens will let us live. And as our arrows pierce the sun a smile plasters your face.  In a blink I disappear, confirming your belief that I was made up all along. The darkness blankets your existence and you are alone. The land is strewn with the bodies of the fools.  Alone in a cold world with the crippled and immobile. You enjoy sipping the blood of the damned. You laugh as you wipe your beard with a tattered sleeve. You lay your arm over my shoulder and we smile as we smoke and drink and laugh. You and I shall rule this place.


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One response to “A Kingdom Created

  • lori78

    You and I shall rule this place… Hmm very nice! :-) Both poetic and grim, i like it. The word blood though puts in mind the deluge of books written today about vampires.

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