A broken world which no bandage could fix. A hug… a kiss. The butterflies have all died. One last look, one last touch. Take off the albatross and set your sails. The storm has ended and the waters are calm. Oh my young sailor this heart she breaks.


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3 responses to “Shipwreck

  • Romi

    You just wrote a poem that is the story of my life right now; I don’t know whether to thank you or punch you…lol. No, I thank you ;-)

  • Justin

    @Romi- I guess you could have punched me and thanked me at the same time. That would be different. Imgaine if we punched people as a way of giving thanks. Here’s ten bucks for your birthday *POW* thanks grandma…here’s a black eye in return. I’m sorry about your shipwreck. I promise I didn’t use my clarvoiance to write this about you. ;)

  • Romi

    hahaha…and how many punches could a grandma even handle? Imagine if she had like 8 grandkids…lol ;) . And no worries, one-day-at-a-time and all becomes right with the world again..slowly ;)

    PS: hope you are well, and that you are finding time to write offline as well..feed the muse! :D

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