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Invisible Children is teaming up with Charity: Water for an incredible event that will provide the displaced people of Haiti with clean water. Invisible Children recently won $1 Million and now they are donating $100,000 in order to help drill wells and latrines. IC is able to do this because of you. We have all come together and supported the Invisible Children in trying to stop the longest running war in Africa. We have donated our time, money, voices and bodies in order to let the world know that we want justice for the children in Uganda. Now IC is speaking out and putting their money towards other people who are suffering in the world. The earthquake in Haiti destroyed these peoples lives. Men, women and children were killed in an instant. Homes were leveled and food supplies contaminated and ruined. Within hours of the event, the world knew what had happened. Visit Invisible Children and Charity: Water to see what they are doing to help.

Thank You


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4 responses to “IC Haiti

  • Romi

    Wow, it’s so amazing that they’re using the money towards Haiti relief! Really solid charity, thanks again for introducing me to it! ;)

  • Justin

    @Romi- Thank you. I would gladly share something as wonderful as IC with anybody. I’m getting my inspiration back for writing. I’ll shoot you an email soon! Hope the book is coming along well.

  • lori78

    It’s great that IC is sharing it with the people of Haiti.

    It’s wonderful to visit your site again and be reminded of what’s really important.

    Re “the secret”, i was wrong in saying it has the same author as the secret things of God, sorry about that.

    Take care Justin :-)

  • Justin

    @Lori- I appreciate your comment. Yeah, I was happy to see IC spreading the love to other places in the world. OH, And there is no need to apologize.

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