Artist of the Month- Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor is an amazing and talented Russian born artist. She was introduced to music early in her life. Regina’s mother taught music in Russia and her father plays violin. She studied classical music as a child but then became interested in different styles such as punk and hip-hop. Regina began writing music for herself after she found inspiration in music greats such as Ani DiFranco. Regina Spektor has worked hard to give each of her songs its own personality therefore making it impossible to categorize her music style. Most of Spekor’s songs contain literary references. She has also praised such artists as The Beatles, Radiohead and Tom Waites for having music that is “really involved”. Today, she relies heavily on rock instruments but adds her complex and clever sound to the mix. Regina Spektor has made her way to the top, first signing with Warner Brother’s in 2004 and performing on just about every talk show from “The Tonight Show” to “Saturday Night Live” and “Good Morning America”. Spektor has also performed with artists such as “The Strokes” and “Ben Folds”. Although Regina Spektor is living out her American Dream she still finds time to give to others by doing charity work for Darfur and for Planned Parenthood. Regina Spektor is my artist of the month.

Regina Spektor (official website)


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