Autumn Imagination


Autumn air. So brisk so refreshing. I feel the breeze like a hand on my shoulder. The most precious images of death. Leaves changing colours and creatures disappear into the ebb of the changing world. Such potent scents and picturesque moments. The sky is heavy like it’s falling down. Nights are colder and days are shorter. A playful thought tickles my mind and I find myself as a child. My imaginary world is on the bottom of this leaf pile. Shall I jump in? 1-2-3…


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6 responses to “Autumn Imagination

  • Susi Spice

    wooo these are serious frreakin cool photos! did u take them??

  • Justin

    @Susi Spice- Hmmm…I wish I could take credit but I think there are laws that don’t allow me to. These are some really amazing shots that just went perfectly together with the words in my head. Haha. The photo is linked to another website. Check it out!

  • lori78

    Loved the photos! But Justin, that last bit you’ve written, about jumping in, tsk tsk… what’s that supposed to mean? Or am I reading too much into it? :-)

  • Justin

    Lori- Haha. I think I was trying to suggest letting my imagination take over. And with the release of the movie “Where The Wild Things Are”, I figured there is no better time to explore the vast imagination of one’s mind. Sometimes thoughts are better than reality.

  • chloe

    bottom row, far left photograph = outstanding! wow

  • Cristi

    its a new england thaang

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