Zero Campaign

zero.0My campaign is simple. It’s a suggestion. The laziness of people really astounds me. I can understand how something as simple as the art of using words has become abated in this day and age. Why not? With a McDonalds and a Dunkin Donuts on every corner, serving us through drive-thrus, why would we have any ambition to take initiative and go an extra mile. “Hey this fast-food place doesn’t have a drive-thru window! What nerve!! Let’s drive to the next one, I’m not walking in!” We have become spoiled. Sure, I like things to be simple and easy. Does that mean that our intelligence has to be sacrificed for convenience? Let me get on with my point. We have already sunk too deep in to the butchering of the English language, so I won’t suggest trying to bandage that wound. What I am suggesting is one simple and small change. Zero! Yes, zero. It is a number, yet for some reason it has been replaced. How did we let a letter take the place of a number? Zero (0) has been replaced with O (pronounced oh). Most of us are guilty of doing this. I suggest that we bring zero back. Is it really that difficult? When you buy something at the store the clerk will tell you that your total is $10.04 (ten O four). Why not say Ten dollars and four cents? It is easy and makes you sound more intelligent. ZERO!! Let’s bring zero back. Something simple that we can all do in a world of ebonics and acronyms. Sure, the English language has had a monumental shift but why should we allow letters to take the place of numbers? Whats next, 8 will be G? No, I say fuck that! Bring back the number zero. Who’s with me?


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2 responses to “Zero Campaign

  • san

    Hahaha… I am with you. Zero is zero, not O. :)

  • lori78

    Here, some are using O as zero but not so much.

    Yeah zero is zero. This post of yours reminds me of our dear president. She’a very fond of moving dates of national holidays, i guess for convenience as well as economic reasons. But what’s the used of those holidays if they are not remembered or celebrated on their actual day. They kind of lost their meanings… it’s like having your b-day not on your b-day.

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