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Murder by Death is an American rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. The band was discovered by friend and fellow musician Geoff Rickly (vocalist) of the band Thursday. Murder by Death’s label, Vagrant Records claims that the band’s “Jaw-dropping performances on record make you yearn for the chance to experience their energy up close and in person”. As a fan of the band I can agree entirely. The band will be playing a show at Daniel Street Club in Milford, CT on Wednesday October 14th.

I had a chance to conduct a brief interview with Adam Turla (vocalist/guitarist), of Murder by Death. Adam said that the band has found itself and its sound. This quartet comes together to produce an interesting and diverse, yet very dark sounding style of music which comes from Adam writing poetic lyrics into a journal. The name Murder by Death comes from the 1976 Robert Moore comedy film of the same name. The band chose the name because it has a dark and eerie sound to it but also contains the element of humor. Each album from Murder by Death has showcased the bands talent in a different way without any kind of album duplication. Adam echoed this statement by saying  “I would hate to think of putting out a caricature of past albums”.  Adam promises a great show for the fans with great opening acts. Murder by Death will be playing with Langhorne Slim and long time touring mates Kiss Kiss. Adam remembers playing shows in the past with Kiss Kiss and having a great time. He said he enjoys having other acts that will compliment the sound of Murder by Death. Adam likes to pick out what he called “A good batch of people” to tour with. Adam feels good about the success of touring this year. The band got to play in Europe and some exotic places and got to headline a huge tour as well. Some years Murder by Death has played 200 or more shows. Adam says that this is what they do, “It’s a job, we do this for a living”. The band is looking forward to finishing up the rest of this tour and heading back home to write and record a new album.

The band was approached by writer Jeff Vandermeer, to write an instrumental album for the sci-fi book called “Finch”. The album features seven well written songs and they are available on Murder by Death’s website. Adam urges fans to come out to Daniel Street and see Murder by Death play live. Murder by Death is definitely worth seeing. I think Adam’s most important statement in the interview was when he said that Murder by Death just wants to “Have fun and make good music”. Murder by Death will be at Daniel Street Club this Wednesday, October 14th. Tickets are $12 in advance or $14 at the door. The bands website is

Special thanks to Katy Hardy at Vagrant Records


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