Who Made Your Bag?

This question is for men and women that use any kind of bag. In general we don’t know or care where our clothing came from. We have become conditioned not to ask. As long as we are getting inexpensive products that look good it doesn’t even cross our minds that people are being exploited in order for you to look good. INVISIBLE CHILDREN and MEND are working together to allow the makers of MEND bags to be recognized. These are women that live in the poorest parts of the world. Each bag will have the bag makers name on it and a website where you will be able to see a profile of the bag maker. INVISIBLE CHILDREN is once again taking steps to help.


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3 responses to “MEND

  • Perez Christina


  • lori78

    not to mention expensive ones Justin. Where I work, the women seems to be having a contest to who owns the most beautiful, expensive bags. The price of those is enough to feed a lot of hungry children.

  • Justin

    @Christina- Thank you for coming by.

    @Lori- It is ridiculous how much money women will spend on designer bags. Who the hell can tell the difference between what is a real or a knock off anymore. Wouldnt you much rather contribute to something like MEND?? You know this is a real bag made by a real person. They help you and you help them.

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