Burning man (pt. I)


It was a hot August afternoon. I sat watching television in my apartment. The heat was almost unbearable. The ceiling fans whirled vigorously at their maximum velocity. The windows were open, only to offer a very mild breeze. Sweat began to bead across my forehead and a feeling of lethargy weighed my body down. As I got up to pour myself a glass of Scotch, I measured each movement with the intent of lessening any activity that would cause me to sweat more. I poured my drink into my glass and then I opened the freezer. I found myself standing in front of a comforting cool. I grabbed the ice tray and I dropped 4 cubes into my glass. As the ice met the warm whiskey it cracked and popped and danced around the glass. I once again made my way back into the living room where I sat. The heat was so intense and I could see the ice begin to quickly melt in my glass. As I brought the Scotch to my face I could smell the sweetness of the alcohol, due to the ice melting into the scotch and releasing the flavor and bouquet. I sipped the scotch and felt it cool me down from the inside out. My body was in such a relaxed state that the television only became a background ornament. My eyes were heavy and I felt a sudden breeze. I closed my eyes for only a second and when I opened them again I was met with a different scenery. I pinched myself to make sure I wasnt dreaming. I was in a beautiful land. The scenery was incredible. So many different types of plants and shrubs. Beautiful colors cascaded across the land. The only thing that was consistent from where I was sitting and where I found myself now was the heat. My shirt had become thoroughly soaked. I was not even sure where I should begin but I blindly began walking. My first steps rustled some fallen leaves and large insects scurried along the ground. “What is this place?”, I asked myself in a befuddled tone. As I continued, my pace had slowed down drastically. I was concerned with the environment in which I found myself. Since I did not plan this strange adventure in this ever so random place it would be a smart decision to proceed with caution. Hours had already gone by and the scenery remained almost the same. I was getting very tired and the sun began to set. It would be a wise decision to find a place to sleep and to get myself elevated off the ground. I found a couple of trees that would make a nice place to put a hammock. I grabbed some vines and rocks and began to wrap the vines around one another. I used the rocks to cut the vines to a suitable length. The construction of this makeshift hammock took about an hour and the sun was just about gone at this point. I tied both ends of the hammock to the trees and I tested the new piece of furniture to see if it would hold. I hopped up on the hammock and the vines tightened against the trees allowing me to be held securely. I was pretty hungry at this point but since I was unfamiliar with anything in this place I would have to go hungry for the evening. My eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up several times throughout the evening from different noises that I had never heard before. Each time I woke up I imagined that I would be back home on my couch sitting in front of the television with a scotch presented to me on the table. Yet, each time I was sadly let down. I told myself that I would try to situate the scenario in the morning and try to figure a way out of this foreign land. Sleep was the best thing I could do for myself at this point. And so I slept.


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3 responses to “Burning man (pt. I)

  • chloe

    dreams can be so stretched sometimes, but the important thing to remember is that sounds time they are trying to tell us something.. :)

    p.s i like the photo

  • Justin

    @Chloe- Oh, I know, but this is totally fiction. I didn’t really dream this. Haha. I have had this story formulating in my head as a “daydream” if you will. Hope you like it

  • lori78

    Good intro, I like it. It slowly builds up, the words painting images in my mind. Hoping to read more soon…

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