One Percent


Only one percent of the population of America holds the money. The millionaires and billionaires and rich corporate pigs. They have more money than you or I could spend in a lifetime. I strive to take that one percent. I will one day earn that money. I will win lotto or become a great inventor. I will enter the elite status and I will give. I will give to charities and suppoprt groups. I will give to research and free clinics. I will give to the poor. I will give and give and give again. Only one percent of Americans are elite because they keep the money in their own fat filthy pockets. I am no better than a homeless person living behind that supermarket. Why should I eat well while he digs for his dinner in a dumpster?


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6 responses to “One Percent

  • chloe

    if i was one of the elite; i’d give as well
    if only the rest of them were like us..

  • san

    I don’t think ANYONE, not even the greatest inventor, deserves THAT MUCH MONEY.

  • Justin

    @Chloe- Thanks for agreeing. I think the world could be a much better place if people were less selfish.

    @San- I think there are some individuals that deserve a lot of money. There are people who create procedures and medications to cure cancers and other illnesses. There are also those who solve lifes major questions. Code crackers that allow us to advance into new technologies and better quality of life. I don’t think the CEO of an insurance company deserves half of what they make. There are those who do deserve more… but should not forget us little guys either. Money does not make the man

  • Romi

    Dude, that is my philosophy…I have a credit card balance so technically i shouldn’t give at all, but llttle still comes off each paycheck to go to the United Way Canada charity that my work supports (they didn’t force me to do that), and I still support my friends causes when they are doing runs, etc…..because….why not? I’m not going to have nothing to eat for dinner because I gave a little to charity…so why not???

    Yeah, you’re awesome :-)

  • Justin

    @Romi- It makes you feel so good to give. You know you are allowed to splurge a little once you have given something first. It is only fair. Thanks for the response…and the push to get writing again.

  • lori78

    It’s true everywhere in the world. Only a small percentage of the population have access to a huge amount of money. If only those who are wealthy would share what they have, much of the world’s problems would be solved.

    So glad you’re back. You’ve been gone for quite a while.

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