Burning addiction


I’m gasoline and Nicotine.

You’re a smoker and a Spark.

We light a fire.

No one can put it Out.

You breathe me deep into your Lungs.

I leave a lasting Mark.


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4 responses to “Burning addiction

  • chloe

    thought provoking
    nice writting

  • nieschu

    what a sexy man I have :0

  • Romi

    Oh my gosh….I have friggin’ missed this blogging world! I just realized that as I read some blogs, then I realized it more as I read this poem…do you know…that this is an intense, awesome, raw kind of poem? It’s short and does leave a mark, just like what you write about ;-)

    Awesome man, and it’s good to see your blog again!

    I’ll be back soon, hope you’ll have time to write some more, or maybe I’ll catch up on your older stuff :-)

  • Justin

    You take this picture for your boyfriend?

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