The Ivoryton Piano Factory

Justin Veatch


I happened to come across this beautiful sounding music while searching the web. The songs are so impressive and inviting. They were written, performed and recorded by a 17 year old boy named Justin Veatch. I sat and listened to each song and each one pulled at my heart strings. The passion that was put into the songs is incredible. As I attempted to further research The Ivoryton Piano Factory I saw that a tribute album is being created. I clicked the link to the tribute page only to find out the worst possible news. This amazing, young, brilliant artist died in his sleep at 17 years of age due to an accidental drug overdose. For the past few days I have been coming back to The Ivoryton Piano Factory website and listening to the songs. These songs are so wonderfully put together and it is sad that Justin Veatch will never be able to assemble another piece again. The Veatch family has started a scholarship program for students interested in music. The tribute album will be out in the near future.  I urge everyone to listen to the music of The Ivoryton Piano Factory.

R.I.P.  Justin Veatch



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6 responses to “The Ivoryton Piano Factory

  • chloe

    thanking you for your kind comment justin :)
    much appreicated!

    the sepia was a photoshop filter (i put the details under each photograph) :)
    when i’ve got some more time i’ll check out this site :) x

  • lori78

    This is heartbreaking.

  • chloe

    :) i think congrats to you is also in order for being one of my top referr’ers :) lol

  • Justin

    @ Lori- It certainly is heartbreaking. I come back to this amazing young artists website and listen to these songs and I get tears in my eyes and chills down my spine. Life is difficult and unfair.

    @ Chloe- I always enjoy your work. It is so nice that you display your talent. I feel like your writing and your art help me to understand who you are without ever even meeting you. Thanks for stopping by! =)

  • Cristi

    you should… try listening to “mono” their new album is with an orchestra and its amazing.

    they’re and instrumental Japanese noise band but this album is completely different and awesome from their usual stuff, which is also great.

  • Justin

    @Cristi- Thank you. I will check them out. I wonder if my friend Hiro from Tokyo is familiar with them. Thanks for the recommendation and the comment.

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