Cellar Door

My mind drifts to the vast array of simple pleasures. Ships in bottles and soda pops. Holding hands or first kisses. A drifting cloud or an afternoon rain storm. A childhood song and the smell of a city. Crushed velvet upon your skin. A long forgotten friendly voice. The simple mechinism of taking a scenic drive. The paralyzing water of an early morning shower. So many simple pleasures. How they strike my heart.


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5 responses to “Cellar Door

  • chloe

    beautifully written

  • Steffi

    Ah, and no I am thinking about first kisses and the fresh smell of the country after rain.

  • lori78

    It’s beautiful.

    Simple pleasures…like taking a shower in the rain or watching the sun as it rises or sharing a joke with friends. Loved those moments.

  • Justin

    @ Chloe- Thank you very much. It just came to me and I needed to write it.

    @ Steffi- I am glad I am able to allow these thoughts to entertain your mind even for a moment.

    @ Lori- I am glad that you share the same passion for these incredible moments that happen in daily life. Life really is beautiful. We just need a different perspective sometimes.

  • Romi

    these are some heart-striking words no doubt about it…a long forgotten friendly voice, wow, I miss that a lot when I think about it, THANKS for reminding me LOSER!!!

    Haha…just kidding, but dude, you were seriously writing some good sh*t while I was away, well done! :-)

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