First Hand

There is no need for me to live vicariously. I touch, taste, breathe and see my surroundings. I enjoy all cultures and all  societies. I have no religion, yet I learn about yours. I know about Apple pie and baseball but I also know about Schnitzle and Fussball. A geocentric approach will not get you anywhere in life. I don’t call Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia the Middle East. I don’t call Asia the far east. If I’m standing in China then I am not in the east. I learn languages and try to speak them in the places I visit. I like to eat and drink what you are drinking in Prague. My mind is open. I am no different than anyone else in this world, therefore I am no better. Put me in Haiti and I shall live among the poor. Put me in Venice and I shall get around by boat. Put me in India and I too will ride a bike. I am open to possibilities. I continue to grow and shape my mind. When I am older I will not be who I am today. I will be much wiser! Open your mind. Experience the world first hand.


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9 responses to “First Hand

  • omegaradium

    This is the only way to truly live life. I once saw a quote that read something like, “The world is like a book, if you don’t travel its like never reading the next page.”

    • Justin

      @Omegaradium- That quote sounds awesome. I really do like to experience life like this. I need to be open to new ideas and try different things. Every day that I can wake up and use my senses is another day that I can find something new. Im glad you feel the same way.

  • lori78

    Excellent philosophy. If you don’t let yourself be open to anything, you will never learn new things, you will never grow as a person and a human being. There is much in life waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

    • Justin

      @Lori- I await these things! I love to keep my mind strong and open. Open mindedness is something I learned! It is an important thing to learn

  • chloë

    “When I am older I will not be who I am today. I will be much wiser!” the most inspirational & motivating line i have ever heard
    & trust me, i’ve heard a few

    you’ve got your head on right justin & knowing who you are right down the last sentence is admireable
    very well written

    • Justin

      @Chloe- I am happy that I can be inspirational. I hope you take what I said and you apply it to your own life. Life is so beautiful and I know how to make it more enjoyable! =)

  • nieschu

    really now? is that so? then why aren’t we moving to Germany again????

    • Justin

      @Ute- Okay okay! I see why you would ask me this. I like to have a home base to come back to and reflect. I’m sorry. I know it must be hard to live here in the US but I do appreciate it!

  • nieschu

    oh it is very hard to live here and one day I will make you pay :) love ya pumpkin

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