My May Playlist


BAND/SONG (All Songs Are Hyperlinked!!!!Just Click)

-SAMIAM- Ordinary Life (1998)

-O’death- Fire on Peshitgo

-Spoon- The Way We Get By

-Manchester Orchestra- I’ve Got Friends (NEW!!)

-Truckers of Husk- Person for the Person

-Minus the Bear- Throwin Shapes

-mewithoutYou- Every thought a thought of you (NEW)

-Kiss Kiss- All They Draw (NEW!!)

-William Elliot Whitmore- Old Devils (NEW)

-Jimmy Eat World- Disintegration (One of their best songs ever!!)

I really hope you listen to these songs. I get a lot of inspiration from the music I listen to and if you really want to know me and my writing you should know my music too. Enjoy!!

Also check out my Article that was published on the amazing band Kiss Kiss. They were really fun to interview and they loved the article. Hope you will too. CLICK HERE


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4 responses to “My May Playlist

  • chloë

    i look at peoples eyes when i talk to them or am listening too. i find a lot of other girls avert their gazes & struggle to remain confident when looking at someone in the eyes lol
    your comment didn’t make me think your were creepy haha
    divulge your secrets :)

  • A.J. Valliant

    I enjoyed the Kiss Kiss stuff. The sound like a cross between a rockier Radiohead and Queen. Good stuff.

  • Natalie

    i’m really enjoying manchester orchestra and kiss kiss! as you know, i’m already a fan of spoon

  • Justin

    @A.J. Valliant- Kiss Kiss is very talented. I am glad you enjoy it. They are some of the most amazing people I have met. Glad to add 1 more fan to their list.

    @Natalie- I’m just shocked that you didn’t know more of these bands. Manchester Orchestra is one of my favorites. And Spoon is great. Gotta love Rob Pope!!

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