Tell me all your thoughts on god…


A simple selfless act. A prayer for another. I remember it like it was yesterday. My cat had gotten cancer. He withered away to bones. He stopped eating and just slept, while writhing in pain. I believed that my prayers would be answered. I did not wish to save my cat, as this would be a selfish act to ask to keep anyone alive. I only prayed that the cat would not suffer. The cat did suffer. The cat suffered for a long time. We tried everything to try to get him better but in the end he died a horrible, painful death. Years later, with no thoughts of religion, prayers or god in my mind, I knew there was no saving my family dog. My dog suffered from lyme disease, a thyroid condition, cancer, and severe arthritis. He beat the odds. He outlived all of these ailments. One day the dog began coughing and wheezing. We thought perhaps it was a doggy allergy or something. The problem got more persistant. He suddenly got a look of fear and desperation in his eyes. I picked him up and we left for the animal hospital. I knew there was no need to pray to god. God does not respond to selfless acts. Prayers for others go unanswered. The dog suffered. On the way to the hospital Sam died in my arms. His entire life was spent suffering just like the cat. Why? Why does evil exist in the world? There is a simple anwser. There is no god. Oh, is that a harsh statement? Consider this argument before you judge me. The bible says that god must have these three characteristics in order to exist: omniscient (all knowing/seeing), omnipotent (all powerful) and omnibenevolent (all loving). If god is of these three characteristics how can there be evil in the world? Sure, man is born with free will. That means that man can choose to commit evil but that does not explain natural evil. Why do people have to live with painful deformities and diseases or die in fires, earthquakes, or tornados? There is no valid reason for this. Furthermore, if god is omniscient then this would mean god would know the choices that individuals would make before they actually did so. Meaning that god could forsee who would be destined to heaven or who would be destined to hell. For god to allow this to happen would mean that god could not be omnibenevolent. God could not possibly be  all loving if he knew that some individuals would be destined to eternal damnation and hell. There should be no exceptions. Why should I make a decision that god knows about, prior to me  making it, and then be punished by god for it? This would mean that we are not given free will because all of our decisions are predetermined by god. I am not trying to sway anyone from having a belief but I am saying that sometimes we should open our eyes and ask questions. If god existed, it would be easy for him to stop many of he unnecessary evils in the world, such as cicle cell anemia, Parkinsons disease, or the use of child soldiers in africa. I would never pray to keep someone alive because that is selfish but I thought asking for a lack of suffering would be fair. I guess when you are talking to a made up being in the heavens a fair response is nothing at all.


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7 responses to “Tell me all your thoughts on god…

  • san

    You’re touching a very sensitive subject here, J. Even though that might sound like I am a total hypocrite (after all, I got married in a church), I agree with a lot of what you said up there. It’s really hard for me to believe that God – if (s)he existed – would allow all this evil in the world.
    I believe in a more “realistic” approach – that God shows him(her)self in acts of human kindness and empathy, people who are caring for others selflessly.

  • omegaradium

    While I often question the existence of a higher power, if there is one thing I’ve learned about “God” is that you can’t use logic to question his existence.

    If God created a boulder even he could not lift, then is he truly Omnipotent?

    If God exists, then I doubt we could even begin to comprehend his views and ideals. Much like no one could truly understand Dr.Manhattan in Watchmen.

  • Romi

    I think the problem my friend is that “God” should never have been defined, outlined, analyzed, described and pegged in the first place. But everything gets stuffed into books, then people get stuffed into churches, and ears get stuffed with rhetoric, and suddenly “faith”, which should actually be based on personal feelings and inner truths, is being prescribed by the outside…what the eff? So when these truths are assigned to us by someone else, and actions in the outside world conflict with these made-up ideals of what God “is”, that’s when we have a problem.

    I believe in a force that connects us all; if we are all connected there is always good and always bad, because never will there be a time when all “x” billion people in the world are motivated by good. This means that evil will always exist, manifesting itself in various ways, whether through violence or illnesses. The silver lining is that if we’re all connected and we as individuals make it a personal responsibility to do some good, that good will connect with the rest of the world, creating the potential of a ripple effect of good…It might not be a victory we see in our day-to-day lives or even our lifetime, but that’s enough truth for me to do the best I can! :-)

    Wow, that was a ramble and a half, great post Justin, it instantly stirred things up! ;-)

  • Steffi

    Wow, great post.
    I agree with what you said, but I am not sure it’s that simple.
    I prayed to God several times for several reasons and for most of the time there was no answer or help.
    But there have been some moments I am quite sure God had a hand in what happened and how everything turned out.
    In my opinion “something” is out there. It’s up to you what you make out of it and if you believe or not.

  • Justin

    @San- I knew it would be a sensitive subject but I had to go there. I was expecting to get some deeper critical comments but I guess I am safe…it’s been 2 days. haha. I think your explanation is good but why does god get cred for our actions at all? Can’t we just be good on our own account? Don’t underestimate humans.

    @Omegaradium- I need to be choosy with my words, as I realize you are well versed in these topics. Haha. Like I said, I am not trying to change the beliefs of others but I am trying to tell why I have lost my religion. The bible has been given a “rule book” in order to understand it. You can’t take things literally but you can’t take them lightly either. God was given a definition and this definition was said to be true. If it is not true then the bible must be contadictory, hense making it a load of interesting stories and nothing more. I am trying not to use logic but there is no way I will just accept without asking questions first. I understand that faith requires trust and commitment…but I cant do that.

    @Romi- God should have never been defined but he was! He was not only defined but his definition was said to be true under the rules of christianity. If the definition of god is not as the bible says then god cannot exist. It must have been so easy to write that while writing the bible, not realizing that it would in fact be questioned years later. I believe in something. We are here and we are such powerful creatures. We are so simple yet so complex. I believe in science and I believe in the universe. I believe that we are NOT here for a particular reason except to be. We are here and it doesnt matter what choices we make. If we were put here for a reason then it would be of great importance that god give us all the same opportunity to succeed. That is not true (eg; retards, parapalygics, and deformities). I think that the good of man should be more appreciated. We are total assholes but sometimes we band together and make positive choices that make a difference. Thank you for the comment.

    @Steffi- Thank you, first of all. Secondly, I think that there is something out there. I think that our creation was just amazing. It amazes me to find out how complex we are as humans. We have bodies with working organs that function to keep us alive. We are a bag of skin, filled with chemicals and out of that there are chemical reactions taking place, digestion, blood filtration, cell growth. We are aware of our self. We can interact and build relationships. We read and write and interpret. Not only are we amazing but our Planet and our Universe are also amazing and complex. So, Yes something is out there but I think it is scientific and not metaphysical. I know you belive that some things that happen are godly but the truth is that we are humans and we look for patterns. How many Mexicans will find the Virgin Mary in their breakfast burritos this year? We look at the sky and we imagine that clouds are objects. We personify the inanimate. We give life to the non-living. We are creative beings. Does that not sound like perhaps we are god? We create and give life. We also gave life to the belief of religions and god. We are god.

  • lori78

    I used to ask the same questions as you as I watched the parade of catastrophes on tv news. I never really understood it before and I don’t claimed to fully comprehend it now.

    There are other people that could best answer and explain these things… but to get to the truth…to the answers, you must let yourself be open to receive them.

    All I know is that part of the answer is that we lived in a fallen world. Right now there’s a war going on, and Earth is the battleground.

  • Justin

    @Lori- I don’t really seek any answers. I am content with my non-belief. Really, the reason I wrote this is because 1) It is hugely debatable and 2) I come from a science and philosophy background. The fact that I can interact on a societal level with people of all different faiths makes me happy. I love everyone equally even if my beliefs are different. And at the end of the day a believer is no more/less functional in society than a non-believer. I am open to let answers in but I will always question everything. Signs and patterns are not enough for me. The world is too complex to rule anything out. My proof will need to be HUGE! haha. Thank you for your comment. =)

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