Weekly dose of humor

I came across this video a while ago while searching on Youtube. This kid makes my skin crawl. The addvertisers do a really great job of getting their point across. I was hoping that a shelf would fall on the kid or that he would catch a back-hand from daddy. Haha. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. I think the end is just hilarious.


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7 responses to “Weekly dose of humor

  • lori78

    LOL so the ad is for that eh? It’s not the solution though if you want to have children. Proper discipline is the key.

    • Justin

      @Lori- Oh I agree but that doesn’t stop this ad from being hilarious. Haha. The tenson that bulids up in the ad makes you almost feel the mans embarassment.

  • Cristi

    That kid would be dead, if he was my son..

    but that was hilarious.. and I didn’t expect that to be the punch line at all which was even better!

  • Romi

    hahahaha….I can’t stop laughing :-D . That is an amazing ad. And if I ever have a kid that pulls shit like that even once, off to the basement dungeon they go (…err…I hope Social Services didn’t hear that…)

  • Justin

    @Cristi- Haha. I would have beat him too. Little shit! Yeah, I was thinking that something was going to happen to someone, mainly the child, and then it abruptly ended with a punchline. Haha.

    @Romi- I’m glad I can make you laugh. That kid is nuts! BON BON!!! haha. Wait, did you just publicly announce your dungeon on my blog?! That was supposed to be a secret. Great… we shall have to move the bodies post haste!

  • Romi

    Haha…did you just say “post haste”? You just got ten times cooler in book, seriously :-D

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