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I am amazed at how much writing I have been doing lately. I took a few moments to reflect upon myself and understand why I write. I have been influenced by many sources. I absolutely hate typical writing assignments from school. I usually tend to procrastinate and get low marks on these kind of papers. I am inspired to do better though when I see these horrid grades. I only started writing last February, but I feel like I have come so far. I have two blog pages and I have been published in newspapers and I have even conducted interviews. My inspiration to begin writing came from a professor in college. He ran an interesting class. He believed in editing the hell out of a paper. His philosophy is that a paper is never truly perfect, but editing brings you another step closer. I hated him! He and I did not get along in this class. I would show up late and my papers would show up even later. He would stand in front of the class as an awkward mess. He would sweat and dance around and he would shout orders into the air, directing the class to get analytical. Watching him made me cringe. I could not understand how someone could have such a passion for writing. I would think to myself “If I could just hand something in I will be fine”. This was the wrong approach. As much as I hated this man he would not let me fail. He never once gave up on me or my writing. He picked my brain and dug deeper for ideas. He forced me to get analytical and to write and edit papers. He could have easily let me fail but he didn’t. I became really inspired by his teaching style. He had us start a blog page on some website where we had to keep a journal entry of our writing. We would also use the site to peer edit the writings of other students. This is when I became interested in writing. My own life experiences began to seem more worth while and interesting when I was able to formulate the situations into words. I began reading blogs. I stumbled upon one of my friends blog pages that changed my life and inspired me more than any other. Each word on the page was written with meaning and purpose. His thoughts were well articulated. His love for writing made me want to love it too. I began reading all of his posts. One in particular made me want to write for myself. The post was named “The Wonder Years“. I was overcome with emotion. It was so interesting to me that someones words, written in pattern on a page could change the way someone was feeling. I wanted to be able to do that. So here I am today. I write for you! I write because I realize how important words can be to someone. I write because I want to inspire you. I write because I want to touch your emotions and give you a different perspective. I write because I love to write.


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  • Natalie

    “LET’S GET ANALYTICAL!” haha i miss those dances from hochman.. his class was definately unique. i had no idea he influenced you so much to continue writing. nice job! keep up the good work!

  • Romi

    I read your entire post remembering my own path, and in my head I knew who I was thinking about, and I knew which blog post I was thinking about….you read my mind! ;-) He rocks! Hahaha…and so do you! I love reading this from you, because when you can figure out WHY you love to write, and WHAT your words can do, anything is really possible…keep it up my friend! :-)

  • Justin

    @ Natalie- Thank you for your comment. Yes, his stupid “Lets get analytical” dance always made for a good laugh. I am glad that we got to meet through his class too. You have become a great friend. Thanks again!

    @Romi- Ha. I thought you might have known who I was reffering to. Haha. Thank you so much for keeping up with my writing for so long. It is great to have a friend and fellow writer with similar interests. Thanks!!

  • chloë

    hahaha justin your comment made me laugh how amusing :)
    please don’t stop writting, you seem to have great inspiration to keep on & i look forward to more entries like this

  • lori78

    I’ve always loved the written word but hated writing. There’s one english teacher who made us write a diary and I hated it. And I’m not particularly fond of writing essays too. It wasn’t until after college that I decided to try writing. I’m too ambitious at the time so I decided on a novel. LOL, my first attempt was a disaster! but it made me realized that I love writing.

    Keep your writings coming because I love reading it!

  • Justin

    @Chloe- I am glad I can make you laugh. Don’t worry, I will not stop writing. Because of you and my other friends that comment on my page I know I am making a difference. Thank you for sticking with me. =)

    @Lori- Wow, I thought maybe it was just me. I am glad you had the same experience I did. I am also glad to see that you did not give up because of failure. I am a fan of your writing and I am glad that you enjoy mine. Thank you!!

  • omegaradium

    I’ve often wondered if I would enjoy writing a book as much as I love blogging or writing things for people in my life. It seems that the feedback I get from people are often times more motivating than the act of writing. Knowing you’ve touched someone somehow and seeing them react, or hearing/reading their feedback (whether its neg or pos) is a great feeling!

    Would writing a book bring the same type of feedback, only in a more limited basis?

    Either way, keep it up!

  • nieschu

    glad to hear you found your passion love. now stick with it and make us some money. my clock is ticking :) i love you tons

  • Justin

    @Omegaradium- I would actually love to write a book. I am thinking about going back to school and doing a masters in creative writing. So we will see what happens. I would love to be able to sit and write. I wish I had more time to do that.

    @Schatzi- Thank you sweetie. Don’t remind me about your clock. haha. I love you. Xoxo.

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