Rescue Chicago!!


The Invisible Children hosted a worldwide event on April 25th, called The Rescue. The point of the rescue was to abduct yourself  at a specified site in one of the 100 cities and wait until a media mogul or influential politician came and rescued your city. Most of the cities around the world were rescued within the first day. The remaining cities were rescued the following day…except one! Chicago has been going strong now for 6 days and 39 minutes. The Invisible Children Rescue Riders have joined the Chicago LRA camp site in order to support them. The final list of media moguls was presented. The list includes Oprah, Barack & Michelle Obama and Bono. The Invisible Children used their creative ability and came up with a way to get noticed. The abducted people of Chicago joined the Rescue Riders and the IC staff and began choreographing a dance. They changed the lyrics to “Pride”  a U2 song in order to get the attention of Bono. They also did it to get the attention of Oprah. The lyrics say “Oprah come and rescue us…” Please do what you can to support Chicago. The Rescue event is not over until every city has been rescued. “Where you live should not determine whether you live!!” Please help. I am doing everything I can to raise awareness through my blog because I believe that my life is no more important than the lives of these children.

Look at the amount of people that are tirelessly showing support for this cause. I would like to commend them. I honestly hope that Chicago is rescued soon so that we may rescue the children in Africa. Lets bring them home!


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