Twitter is killing the Blog

I have come to the revelation that Twitter is killing the blog. I refuse to use Twitter. I have refused to use Myspace and Facebook and once again this is no different. Do we all see how dumb Twitter is. Just looking at some of the comments that people post, I have realized why I will never twit or twat or whatever the fuck they call it. I dont care that Johnny farted or Sally stubbed her fucking toe! Twitter is the newest fad and it is killing the blog. Sure, it may seem like a mini-blog or a way to update but it is more than that. We write insignificant tidbits of information on Twitter and people respond. “Oooh, OMG Really? I totally can’t believe that Billy did that!” Blogs do not restrict us from writing simple tidbits like Twitter but blogs are not checked by the minute like Twitter. Maybe I’m just getting old or maybe I am confused or maybe I am old and confused but I think Twitter is only a fad. It will soon fade out like the Tomagochi or Pogs. On another note Twitters highest searched trend is one that is close to my heart. BEHOLD!!nooneontwitter


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6 responses to “Twitter is killing the Blog

  • lori78

    That’s one good thing about twitter :-) Honestly, I don’t have any account on those you mentioned above so maybe that makes me worse than ‘old and confused’.

  • omegaradium

    I have to admit, I’m part of the problem…I constantly use Twitter, but before you shoo me away let it be known that I mostly use Twitter to update my Facebook status. Told you I’m part of the problem! ^_^;

  • Justin

    @Lori- No, I don’t think that being a traditionalist rather than a trend follower makes you old and confused. I think that we can network without having fake online friends. Technology makes it easy for people to use other people.

    @Omegaradium- Hmmm… I can’t say that I am going to hate you for being part of the problem. All I am saying is that I will not throw myself into the mindless mix. People don’t care about important things I say so why would they care about mundane details of my life.

  • san

    I am SO with you. I don’t get Twitter. Who the hell – besides fancy people with iphones and blackberries – update their status by the MINUTE??
    People, get a life… and rather work on a thought-through blog post than posting what you’re doing EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

  • Justin

    @San- Danke!! I knew this would be a controversial post because I am positive that people see how dumb it is but they will do it anyway. I think that some technology pushes us into problems. There are a lot of people that don’t want to know what you are doing every minute. When we get used to posting our lives by the minute we tend to filter less and this will get us in trouble in the real world. Your boss may not appreciate your posts. People will be caught in lies and enable stalkers to by more efficient!!! Haha

  • cowgalutah

    I tweet…but I really have no idea what that means. My friend set me up to keep conected, but I have not figured out what the heck is so great about it.

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