She stood before us professing her love for the language.

The words flow constantly like a stream from her lips.

As we witness  a projection of her vast vocabulary.

Chalk marks on her hands revealed her profession.

Her accuracy of pronunciation is astounding.

The words come so easily.

She wraps her tongue around every consonant and vowel with an intertwining skill that mimicked the twill pattern of her overcoat.

Her words worked like an advanced complex machine.

We were not familiar with every word spoken but we trusted them to be true.

and we watched and listened and became one with the current


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5 responses to “Poetic

  • Romi

    wow….who’s this about? A favourite old teacher? You really made me want to reach out and touch this wordsmith and orator ;-)

  • lori78

    A good teacher is like that. Every utterance inspires and influences our thinking.

  • duffboy

    She had a way with words, or words had a way with her ;)

  • Justin

    @Romi- This is more or less about a professor I have now. I enjoy her proper use of the English language. She speaks with such proper etiquette. I wish I had her vocabulary. Thanks!!

    @Lori- What is more interesting is that I am practically failing this class. Is it irony?

    @Duffboy- Either way she and the words are a great couple. I feel like a voyeur when she speaks.

  • lori78

    Ironic indeed! Maybe you just need more time to study… but sometimes, a failing grade is not an indication of what or how much you’ve learned.

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