Death in the Park


He was sitting in the park with a book. The sun shone through the clear sky with the intent of heating the world and bringing back to life what the cold death of the winter had destroyed. He sat on a bench and only looked up periodically as people walked by with their dogs. He lost his grip on the book and it fell to the ground. He reached down to get it and as he brought himself back up his eyes met those of a beautiful creature. She was a dark-haired, tan, beautiful woman with brown eyes that could freeze time. He stared for what seemed to be an eternity. She smiled at him as she strolled by. His entire being followed her movement as she passed him. He wanted to say something to her but he did not want to bark some type of cliche at her. He only watched her walk by. His body began to become affected by infatuation. A pain built in his stomach and began to emanate throughout his entire body. He felt weak. This beautiful woman became his weakness. She was like a goddess with the powers to destroy men with her smile. After he regained his composure, he packed up his things and walked back home. As he stepped forward he felt an emptiness inside. He felt more alone than he ever had before. Steve lived alone in an apartment downtown. He has been struggling to keep his business afloat. His depression was cured by taking a walk and reading in the park. When Steve saw this woman, he saw more than a person, he saw an opportunity. He saw a chance to create a future. He wandered off to sleep that evening with the thought of her in his mind. He woke up alone. Later in the day he gathered his items and took his daily walk to the park. He found his favorite bench and he took a seat. He took out his book again and began reading. Reading brought him pleasure in the past but Steve had a new desire now.


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6 responses to “Death in the Park

  • chloë

    that chair makes for a stunning subject(!) love the fire red

    you should keep writting short stories, you write lovely
    lust can be such a powerful thing

  • Davis

    can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

  • nieschu

    I think I saw Steve the other day at the park he looked like he was waiting for someone :) love your stories babe, BUT homework first! haha. Of course I had to say that! Kisses to you!

  • lori78

    “He was sitting in the park with a book. The sun shone through the clear sky with the intent of heating the world and bringing back to life what the cold death of the winter had destroyed.”

    Loved that! So glad your back to writing ‘poetic’ prose.

  • Susi Spice

    hello! :) thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I see we have mutual blogroll buddies in choe and ottomann hehe. I guess great minds think alike and are also attracted to each others blogs!!

    I really liked this writing it left me wanting to know the end!! and in all my modesty (note the fasciousness) i must say I am tanned with big brown eyes… is it me you iz writing about? haha j/k!!

  • jcow81

    @Chloe- I thank you so very much for your kind words and your inspiration. I will continue to write because I see I have fans. I appreciate all of your comments. Thanks.

    @Davis- I can’t wait either. I really don’t know where I am going to go with this story yet. I always like to add a twist, so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you!

    @Wifey- Well, I am glad that Steve had interest in a brunette because if he saw you in the park and he liked blondes I might have to worry. I know…stupid homework!

    @Lori- It makes me feel good that I can touch people with my words. Not like a creepy sexual harassment kind of touch like I usually get slapped for but an emotional touch. If my words can help people get through their day a little easier then I am satisfied. Thank you!

    @Susi Spice- Shit…you are on to me. I guess the gig is up. I have been stalking you in the park for sometime now. Keep up with my page and hopefully you will find out how it ends. I’ll try not to bore you. Thank you!!!

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