Punk Goes Pop

I was published again in the SCSU newspaper. I thought my writing on this was a bit lacking when I sent it in but I have been told that it is actually good and encouraging. Now that I have read it as a published article I like it as well. Decide for yourself and let me know. Click Here


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4 responses to “Punk Goes Pop

  • lori78

    Congratulations for being published again! You deserve everything good that’s coming to you…

    Though I much prefer your other writings (the poetic ones), the article “Punk Goes Pop” was brief and infromative, which to me is very good!

  • chloë

    it was 26 degrees c that day :)
    & definitely loads of fun

    congrats on being published this is fantastic news

  • Steffi

    Great news!!
    I like the articel, but like lori78 I like the poetic things more.

    I am a bit behind on reading and commenting as I just didnt have time during my holiday. ;-) Always too much to do when you are off.

  • duffboy

    Kudos on your review been published! Read it, intrigued by those versions you name.

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