I am a Producer


I became an associate producer of The 1 Second Film, along with other producers such as Stephen Colbert, John C. Reilly, and Kanye West. The film is a collabortive effort which will be combined with other films. The proceeds from the film are being donated to a charity for the arts. You can become a producer on the film as well. All you have to do is visit The1secondfilm.com and donate money. You will get your own profile and will be given credit as a producer of the film. Don’t believe me? CLICK  HERE. The clever idea has sparked an interest in Hollywood and artists, musicians and actors are signing up to help produce The 1 Second Film. Be a co-producer with me!


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5 responses to “I am a Producer

  • Romi

    Thanks a pretty cool idea!

    PS: hi there, I am slowly trying to get back into blogging world…will catch up ;-)

  • chloë

    when i first read the first line i was like wow that’s really cool :)
    it’s even cooler reading on that the money goes to charity

    • jcow81

      @Chloe- I know, isn’t it such a a good idea. I am excited to be able to help them with this movie. And I get credited as a producer. That is amazing!

  • Romi

    PS: I missed blogging too…life just ran away with me for a bit!

    PPS: there are certain blogs I back-track on to see what was going on while I was away, and yours is one of them, haha ;-) …I will find a moment soon to stalk your blog for an extended period ;-)

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