April Playlist


I have not posted a playlist in a while. Check out these great bands!

Band/ Song

A Love Like Pi– The Piper

Acceptance-  Different

Ben Folds– You Don’t Know Me

Bon Iver- Skinny Love

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan- Come on Over (turn me on)

Lazlo Bane- I’m No Superman (theme from Scrubs)

Matt Weddle- Hey Ya (cover- Outkast)

Minipop- Yoshimi (cover- The Flaming Lips)

Silverstein– Apologize (cover- One Republic)

Stars- Calendar Girl

The Minus Story- Paul’s Letter to St. Job

Two Tongues– Tremors


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2 responses to “April Playlist

  • Natalie

    interesting playlist. i wouldn’t have known about some of these bands if it weren’t for you! i’m amazed that you listen to stars.. they are definately one of my favorite bands. “set yourself on fire” has such a fantastic compilation of catchy melodic tempos and witty lyrics. i love singing the harmony to their songs! if you like the ben folds duet w/ regina spektor, listen to “mushaboom (postal service mix)” by feist. also, listen to some of these songs:
    neighborhood #1 tunnels – the arcade fire
    young folks – peter bjorn & john
    spring and summer by fall – blonde redhead
    wound up – office
    silver lining – rilo kiley
    six underground – sneakerpimps

    enjoy :] rock.

    • jcow81

      @Natalie- I am happy to be able to provide people with “new” music. I hope people appreciate these bands, because they are all really awesome and really cool people.

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