Such Great Heights

Such Great Heights has become such a great hit! The song was origionally recorded by the band The Postal Service. The song gained poularity when it was covered and released by the band Iron and Wine. The Iron and Wine version was made popular by the film Garden State and the soundtrack for the film. The song was also used in an M&M’s commercial. The song was later released by the Postal Service, once again gaining popularity. The song became an instant hit. The song is now being covered again; this time by Ben Folds. Ben Folds uses his creative music talent in order to perform the song; using piano and household objects as instruments. Each version of the song is interesting and catchy. Such Great Heights is an amazing song and I have included all three versions. Check em out. Let me know which version you like best!


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4 responses to “Such Great Heights

  • lori78

    I like the iron & wine version, though the ben folds version looks fun!

  • jcow81

    @Lori- I prefer the Postal Service version but I think they are all equally as pleasing. I think Ben Gibbard (Postal Service/Death Cab for Cutie singer) is a very clever and talented musician. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Natalie

    “Free Coffee” is the name of the song Ben Fold’s played the other night. The altoid tin leaves such a cool distortion on the piano. Check it out

    • jcow81

      @Natalie- Thank you so much for checking out my page. I did check that song, it is awesome! I think Ben Folds is one of the most talented musicians on this planet! Thanks again!

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