Across Four Seasons


I have seen them change before my eyes. I have walked across the seasons. I woke up to a beautiful array of colors. The chill in the air was somewhat inviting. My eyes fell in love with the deep beautiful scene. The red stood out like a light in the darkness. The yellow and brown and green combined their beauty and splashed through my view like that of a painting. All but to die! Soon the colors left my sight. Crumpled ugly and broken remains met my feet. Every step yielded a crunching which collided with my ear drums. The sound was like a frantic child unwrapping a present. The death of a season brought with it a sadness. A lone object fell from the heavens. It fell with such grace in a fluttering motion. As my cheek was furnished with a cold kiss the object was finally here. As days past the ground became a beautiful achromatic blanket. Walking had now became a chore. The crunching under my feet was no longer displeasing but muffled and mellow. I autographed the landscape with my every step. The glowing radiated from the hearthstones of 1,000 homes. A silence filled the air. The cold nestled between my body and my garb. I shook like the trees blowing in the wind. My body creaked and begged for pity. The words fell from my mouth in a visible vapor -“Please d-d-d-don’t let m-m-e die!”. The body is an amazing machine of resistance.  The sun revealed it’s beautiful figure from behind the hideous clouds. The rays bestowed me with a second chance. This is a new life! And so this new life begins. The colors once again presented themselves. There are not words to describe the appreciation for the scene before my eyes. The birds say it best when they come back home and sing. The crunching beneath my step had ceased to exist. A lovely green gifted my feet with each cushioned step. The sounds had entered the air again. Soon the same sun that saved my life would beat me and blister my skin as only a reminder. The fiery pavement would sting my feet and cause resentment and the colors would soon be forgotten. This second chance will become depreciated as well. A sadness will once again enter the air and I will walk across four seasons again !


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9 responses to “Across Four Seasons

  • lori78

    Hi jcow81,

    Very nice post and pretty poetic!

    Looking forward for more,


  • Steffi

    Love the picture! And love autumn, especially the nice Indian Summer you have over there in New England.
    Great entry!!

  • jcow81

    @Lori- Thank you. Stop back any time! I have great appreciation for new readers. Thank you for your kind words.

    @Steffi- Thank you so much. I enjoy all of the seasons we get here in New England. I prefer the Spring and the Autumn but it is nice to actually have all four seasons. Maybe you can pick your favorite season and come visit me and Ute here (flights are cheap now!!). Thanks again.

  • san

    I love the seasons! It makes you appreciate each time of the year so much more!! Beautiful picture!

  • jcow81

    @San- Thank you. I agree totally. It is like bitter and sweet; without the bitter the sweet just isn’t as good. I especially love the colors all year round. So nice.

  • Romi

    I loved this post so much! It truly represented the range of emotions, especially when we have those moments of self-awareness about a new season beginning or ending, whether happily or depressingly (as in how HAPPY I would be if winter would ACTUALLY end instead of rearing its ugly head over and over like a bitch that won’t die, haha ;-) )

  • jcow81

    @Romi- Haha. Thank you so much. You always have the ability to make me say “yeah, I totally agree” while simultaneously cracking up! Thanks.

  • chloë

    thank-you for the kind comment mate
    i think i hid behind my photographs for a while there, but i’m emerging again : )

    did your other half take this idyllic photograph(?)
    i love the depth of constrasting colours :)

  • jcow81

    @Chloe- No she didn’t tkae it. I wish I could just use her photos, because they are really good, but they are copy protected and I don’t see her much to ask her for some. Stupid schedules! I’m glad you like it though, it caught my eye.

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