Original Sin


A demon from hell with a clever disguise.

I’ve found your seraphim wings, they fit me nice.

I shall be you for the day.

A dissatisfying trade; it left me bored…with evil in mind I searched for more.

I built her trust and then I lied when I ate her young she died inside.


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8 responses to “Original Sin

  • S

    Such depth .. Im intrigued to know more.

  • jcow81

    @S- I wish I were more talented in my poetry. This is all I have right now. It is open for interpretation though. Thank you for the comment.

  • Romi

    There was a good pace with this and some disturbing imagery, as well as a strong character in just a few lines. You should explore this angle of your writing more :-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- Thank you. I appreciate the comment. I sometimes have a poetic style to my thoughts and I happened to have my lappy in front of me this time.

  • lori78

    Whoa! Pretty deep…you are very talented. I loved your way with words.

  • jcow81

    @Lori- Thank you so much. I really really appreciate a comment like that. Especially since, not too long ago, I hated writing. I despised writing assignments and hated reading even more. Last February I began blogging and I find that my talent is beginning to shine through. I wish I had started writing much sooner. Thank you again.

  • lori78

    Your very much welcome! I only give credit to where credit is due…keep them coming. I really enjoyed reading your posts.

  • jcow81

    @Lori- Thanks again. I intend on keeping up with your page as well. I am glad you enjoy my words!

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