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This weeks question is regarding beliefs. Many individuals will usually stick to their guns rather than to be swayed by another individuals beliefs. Although in some cases people are willing to give up beliefs in order to put them where they want to be in life. Some people will even convert their religion in order to get married to a person they have fallen in love with. Some individuals beliefs are so strong that they would rather die than change them. In 1963 a Buddhist Monk burned himself to death in order to protest the persecution of monks in South Vietnam. So the burning question this week is-

How strong are your beliefs? Would you be willing to change your beliefs or do you have a belief that is so strong you would be willing to set yourself ablaze? What belief would you die for?


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4 responses to “Question #4

  • Romi

    First of all is that a real picture? How disturbing!

    Secondly, wow, this week’s question is a tough one! Umm…the beliefs of mine that are strong are very basic, and I think those ones are inflexible. Like the importance of being kind, believing that little things and positivity can change the world; if sometime forced me to stop believing that the world can be a better place with kindess, then I would probably stop talking to that person.

    ..but I don’t think there’s a belief I’d “burn myself” for, because the nature of my beliefs are not strongly religious or strongly political, as I find that those two institutions result in the most empassioned declarations or conflict. I just want to be able to relate to humanity and the life experience as much as possible….it’s more inward, I guess.

    As for other beliefs that I don’t share or don’t yet share, I only promise to keep an open mind up front until I get more facts. I would be willing to adopt new beliefs if I had enough information/facts, and if these beliefs were really important to someone I cared about (as long as adopting those beliefs didn’t impede my spirit or anything…)

    …hmm…this topic was not an easy one hence my rambling, haha…what do you think?

  • jcow81

    @Romi- Well, I think you and I share the some of the same beliefs. I don’t think I could set myself on fire, but I should never say never. Beliefs are meant to change. Think about your beliefs as a child. I am not just talking about your belief that Santa and the Easter Bunny exist. What I mean is that your beliefs come to you and change as you grow. I had a lot of screwy beliefs as an ignorant child and teen but I realize now that those beliefs were in fact beliefs that would interfere with other individuals basic rights to life, liberty and property. Your beliefs about the good in the world are the same as mine. I also have no strong ties into religion or politics. I would perhaps set myself on fire though if I were already terminal and it were for a good cause like “The Invisible Children”.

    Sorry about my vague examples. And yes that IS an actual photo.

  • lori78

    I have a strong belief in God…in Jesus Christ. I know, it sounds religious but Jesus is not about religion. Religion only muck up the issue! Would I be willing to die for that belief?? I don’t know. I pray for the courage I could do so. I pray to grow more stronger in faith. In HIM is where my heart finds peace!

    In everything else, I’m open to new ideas… :-)

  • jcow81

    @Lori- Thank you for your response to my question. It is nice to have a different view point, as I have no religion. I have nothing against individuals practicing religions. I think religions offer a hope and give structure. Religions are put in place in order to offer a peace of mind. Many individuals would be willing to sacrifice time, money or self for religion. I just find it interesting because I do not have that in my life. It is a nice juxtaposition from my life to that of a religious persons life.

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