Savannah Cat


Me and the Ol’ Lady are thinking about getting a pet. While I was searching online I came across this awesome looking cat. Is that a domestic cat? Yup! It’s a hybrid. It is a mix between a Serval and a domestic. They are so awesome. They like water and are not afraid of dogs. They can open doors and containers. They like attention but are extermely intellegent. Don’t you just want one!!? I know I sure as shit do. So cute!


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8 responses to “Savannah Cat

  • san

    BEAUTIFUL cat. I would love to get a pet, too. Unfortunately, we can’t have one in our apartment right now… we’ll have to wait until we move again.

    Are you seriously thinking about getting this cat?

  • jcow81

    @San- I remembered seeing one of these cats at one of Ute’s friends neighbor’s house. It is so beautiful. They are expensive and I am pretty sure they have a long waiting list. Instead we did buy a pet today. We got a chinchilla. He is so adorable. He is sweet and loves attention. His name is MacGyver!

  • Red

    Dogs are the way to go.
    Cool cat, yes .. but dogs are much better :)

  • jcow81

    @Red- Dogs are too much work.

  • Romi

    That cat looks like it might eat you in your sleep though! Like I get stressed out enough when my cat walks all over my face at 5am ’cause he wants breakfast, hahaha….but it is beautiful

    PS: as for the chinchilla I wasn’t sure exactly what is was so I had to google it, and oh my gosh they look soooo cute!!!…as long as they crave attention and want to hang out with you then I think that is an AWESOME pet to have, and I love the name! ;-)

  • duffboy

    I agree with Romi: this is a Catbert, the sort of cat that Bin Laden would ask political advice from. But… you gotta love those stripes.

  • Cristi

    Is that what its called? a “savannah cat”
    I still want to invest in a fennec fox.. =]

    I’m a weirdo though.. so thats just me!
    but it is completely legal.

  • jcow81

    @Romi- Chinchillas are so awesome. Ours is adjusting. His name is MacGyver. A Savannah cat wont eat you, they don’t get much bigger than domestics.

    @Duffboy- The stripes are definitly the big selling point. Why else would you be willing to risk limbs?

    @Cristi- Fennec Foxes are so cute. Do they have breeders for them or do you have to get them on the black market? That is sweet looking. Maybe I will just start a collection of odd animals. Thanks for the comment

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