Oh, hello there. Didn’t see you sneak up on me. Whats that? Oh you read it? Yeah, I wrote it. Oh, you liked it huh? Well, I am kind of a big deal you know? I mean, people know me! Mmmhahaha!

Okay, so it’s not like I am parading around acting like this guy, but I am kind of happy to once again see my writing in print. I wrote a story about how media affects everyone on an individual basis. I thought that it was a somewhat important subject and related to my media studies class. I sent in the piece and it was put in the following issue of the school paper. It is not a long article. It was something I threw together. Enjoy!



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5 responses to “Deuce!

  • Steffi

    Really like the article!
    And, sadly, this is so true. It can be quite annoying. You get the news papers and there are ads from “Lidl” or “Aldi” telling you they have storage boxes for only 5€ or secateurs for only 4€ and you really think you should buy them – even if you don’t really need them right now.

  • jcow81

    @Steffi- Thank you.It is funny how we tend not to think of these things until you step back for a minute and reflect. Thanks for reading it. I will hopefully have more published stuff coming up soon.

  • nieschu

    hi sweets! I am proud of you too!!! keep on writing! one day it will pay off! love you big time! :)

  • Red

    Didnt read the piece, yet ..
    However, the title has me intrigued .. and Im wondering if the piece is about turds.

    Hope Im not disappointed.

  • jcow81

    @Ute- Thanks hun. I intend to keep writing and maybe one day I’ll make money!

    @Red- My piece is about media and how it influences people. In a way, yes it is about turds. There may be no one dropping a tangible deuce in my article but there are a lot of metaphorical feces being scattered around society.

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