Spring Afternoon (Part III)


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Spring Afternoon (Part I)

Spring Afternoon (Part II)

A man is standing near a window. He looks out the window. The only view that can be seen from this window is that of a concrete parking lot and some tall pine trees. Once and a while a few squirrels run across the sill of the window. The man remains still and peers out the window as if there were a sight to be seen out there. He is not an old man, but self loathing and remorse caused an aging effect. His eyes are very tired looking and have large heavy looking bags under them. When you look into his eyes you can read him like an open book. His heart is broken. His face is furnished with a patchy, unkempt beard. His hair has turned from brown to grey. His posture is similar to a stuffed bear that is trying to be propped up. He slouches over and uses his arm as a crutch against the wall. As the hours pass and turn to days and the days to weeks the man’s time is mostly consumed by staring out this window. The man does not speak. In fact, it has almost been a year since this man has lived a normal life. That, of course, is why this particular man is here. He is allowed to go outside with some of the others. He usually does not go further that the confines of the front porch. While he is outside he smokes a cigarette. He looks like an empty human being. He leaves the cigarette in his mouth the entire time, never taking it away with his hands. He holds the cigarette between his parted lips and inhales periodically and quickly exhales. The smoke sometimes enters his eyes but he does not even flinch or pull the cigarette away. Once the man is finished with his cigarette he goes back inside and immediately returns to his former position at the window. The man came to us almost one year ago. His name is Coleridge. He was catatonic when he entered this facility. The man went through a very traumatic experience which caused a shock so strong that it created a comatose like effect. One spring evening, as he lay sleeping next to his beautiful wife, he began to have a nightmare. His nightmare was so vivid that it spilled over into reality. When Coleridge finally woke up from this horrible experience, his world was changed forever. The woman he so endlessly loved was laying next time him in a pool of her own blood. Her lifeless body dangled off the edge of the bed. Police said that they received a phone call from a neighbor. The neighbor made a complaint about the noise and possible domestic violence. An officer was in the area and she responded and arrived on scene. She heard blood curdling screams and called for backup. By the time the police made their way inside the woman was dead. The man, not realizing what he had done, fell into a state of severe shock. He began to scream and cry. The crime scene detectives pieced together the events. What appears to have happened is the man began to experience a very vivid nightmare. He began to flail around in a violent manner. His wife was awoken by his movement. She then tried to wake him from his troubling dream and he turned and became vicious. He started to beat her and claw at her face. She screamed and tried to fight back. The man remained asleep throughout this struggle which made his nightmare feel even more real. He then grabbed the lamp off of the nightstand. He hit her several times with it. He wrapped the cord around her neck and continued to bludgeon her with the lamp. He continued to choke her and beat her until there was no movement left. The sirens from the police woke the man from his dream because he felt as if he were being rescued in his nightmare. In reality, he was not the victim. Coleridge loved his wife dearly. She meant everything to him. They had such a fun marriage. He enjoyed all of the activities they would do together. They were always busy planning something together. They both enjoyed the company of the other. Some days they would both call out of work and they would spend the afternoons together. They especially loved the spring afternoons. What a lovely time of year. The spring is a time for rebirth and new love. It’s a season of fertility and of sweet scents and lively colors. Unfortunately for Coleridge, his days are now spent staring out of a scene less window at an insane asylum. The Weston Asylum is a very credible institute and the nurses treat the patients very well but it is still nowhere near the enjoyment of freedom. Coleridge remained facing the window, looking out at the nothingness before him.  At that moment the man jumped back in a surprised motion. He turned away from the window and with a look of agony on his face he began to scream. “What the fuck are you doing here? What do you want from me? AHHHHHHH! Go…go…leave.” The nurses rushed over to meet Coleridge with an injection of diazepam. As the injection was administered the man calmed down. He was brought to his room and he fell asleep. He slept with no worries or disruptions. The nurses were shocked though. “Who was he talking to?” “I don’t know but I did not even know he could speak.” There were questions to be answered.


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