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Time is an arbitrary thing but it is almost impossible to imagine life without it. Time was created in order to give structure to our lives. There have been experiments done where people are put in a room with no clock and no windows, after only a few hours it feels as if days have gone by. Time is so important in so many ways. We use time as a gauge for most activities. When people run marathons or race cars the participants are timed in order to tell how they have done. There are many cliché’s about time too; here are some: Timing is everything, time is of an essence, only time will tell. The most important use of time is the measurement of our lives. We usually get to measure the duration of our lives in years, although some, unfortunately only get seconds or minutes. In life we don’t tend to think about time unless something calls our attention to it. We think of time when we are sick or injured. We think about how long it will take to recover or how long we have been stuck in bed or how long we waited at the hospital emergency room or doctors office waiting room. We think of time when life slows down. When we are bored we even tend to watch the clock. Thinking about time in combination with my normal morbid thoughts, I have come up with the second installment of the question of the week. Without any further adieu I give you…

The Question- Your doctor has diagnosed you with a terminal illness. You have been given only one week to live. What activities would you be sure to complete before your demise? Would you live life to the fullest or would you settle down and live life slow during your last several days? Remember that you now have Seven days/168 hours/ 10080 minutes/ 604800 seconds.


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2 responses to “Question #2

  • Romi

    Wow…this one great…and only a week? But I kind of like that you only gave a week vs. one month or six months; it really highlights the importance of time which is the point of your question after all…

    (hmm…am I avoiding a response? haha)

    Well…I would spend one day telling my family and close friends the following: that as much as I love them, I need to take care of a couple things, and that hopefully they’d understand if I didn’t simply want to spend the last seven days sitting on the couch. And THEN, I’d hop on an emergency flight to Paris, because I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower, as well as have a nice fancy coffee in a cute cafe on the patio in Paris.

    After jacking myself up with enough caffeine, I would head to another city in Europe (and don’t you worry your pretty little head about which city, haha), to hand deliver (in addition to the electronic version I would have already sent) all the pages of the book I’m working on, with my latest editing notes…These would obviously be sent to my most trusted advisor in this unnamed European city, who would be asked to publish my unfinished works post-humously, in whatever form possible. That would probably leave me a couple more days to sight-see, say my goodbye, and go back home to the arms of my family and close friends, where I could expire happily with a belly full of pizza and ice cream.


    So in the end, I guess my answer highlights my priorities in life…and it’s good to be reminded of them, so an excellent question this week! :-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- The question was very tough. I am glad that you understood why I chose seven days. I was going to say two days and then I was going to say one month but I thought about it longer and decided that a week is enough time to do the things you really want to do. If I gave a month then the list would get a little boring because you would list things that you need to do and then ramble on about things less necessary. If I gave two days then that is only time to consider your death. Your response is excellent. Your use of time is very efficient. The decisions you chose show the type of person you are. It is important to show the world your talent. You also have a commitment to family and friends. Your love of food and luxury, otherwise less pronounced, are shown in your decisions as well. Awesome response. Thank you.
    p.s.- No visit to CT…we have the best pizza!

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