A Sign of Hope

Sometimes in life we feel like our careers or other such avenues are going nowhere. I have been talking about how nervous I am regarding my career lately. As you know, I am 150% in to writing. I like to write about things that I find interesting and cool. While I am doing minimally well on my writing assignments at school I believe I am excelling on my blog pages. Is that a good trade? No of course not, but I do feel like I have become a much stronger writer in only 1 year. A few weeks ago I wrote an entry about The Queen Killing Kings. This is an incredible band. I may have a future interview with the band as well. I have been keeping in touch with the singer, Coley. He read my entry and wrote me an email in response. This has given me hope. I have hope that one day I can become a writer and do reviews and critiques. I just wanted to post his response so you could see what he had to say-


I can’t thank you enough for your support.  I am truly greatful for the blessing you have shown as a listener which was conveyed in an amazing review of our performance. What you described is exactly how I feel when I perform these songs.  It is your experience that gives me hope others will feel it too and the fire inside that it is.
I wish I couldve had more time to chat saturday but old faces make it for a pleasantly chatty night.
Please feel free to correspond, it would be great to keep in contact.



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3 responses to “A Sign of Hope

  • san

    Wow, that’s a really nice response… and I agree, you just have to keep writing and writing. Then, maybe, something will come off it :)

  • Romi

    That’s outstanding, congrats! :-) And also what was said in that response, about how you were able to channel what they feel when they perform…that in itself should propel you even further…I hope you get more performances/bands to review soon! And the comment above is a good one; just write, write and then write more, ’cause each time you write, you increase your chances of finding a new opportunity :-)

  • jcow81

    @San- Thank you very much for your comment. I hope my writing does lead to more Good! I suddenly find a need to feel validated in life by way of writing. Some people are afraid to let people see their writing, as I used to be. It is best to let your words out and let people feel inspired or at least to invoke some kind of mood in people. So I will continue to keep writing.

    @Romi- Thank you for your added inspiration. I like that he was so genuine in his email. The words he said about my writing makes me feel like I matter. I feel that if I can change minds and ideas by use of rhetoric or words then I am using my skill to the best of my ability. I also believe that the more I write the more I will learn, inwriting and in myself. Thanks =)

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