Question #1 Response

The Question- “What is Love?”

The Response- Love just is! All of the responses that I received for this question were correct. Love IS a feeling you get due to a chemical reaction inside your brain. Love is a feeling like you are being hugged. Love is getting your husband a nice new ACER Aspire one mini laptop! (thanks babe). Love has been defined in so many ways. Love is portrayed in movies, music and art. Love is celebrated by many around the world on St. Valentines Day. Love is blind, lovin is what I got, Love is a battlefield, Love stinks… so cliche but all true. Love is whatever you think it is. Plato based a story in “The Republic” on love. He described love as a ring. People were once a complete ring and were later broken up into halves. When 2 people fall in love it is because the two halves came together to complete the ring. The ring is symbolic of a completion of two individuals. Love is experienced and celebrated in many different ways all over the world. I hope you all enjoyed question #1. I am preparing my brain for question #2 which will be coming to this very blog next week. Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Question #1 Response

  • Romi

    I love the answer, and am doubly please that my “hugging” reference made the final cut, haha! ;-) And I LOVVEDD the reference of “Lovin’, is what I got”, that was a way-back play-back, haha!

    And Plato’s concept of love in The Republic, that type of idea was also mentioned later in Pablo Coehlo’s (may have spelt that wrong) “Brida”…he’s the guy of “The Alchemist” fame, but anyway he too spoke of these “broken halves” that represent all humans…and he also mentioned in the story that the way to know you are truly sitting in front of your soul-mate, is that you look at the spot above their left shoulder, and you should see a little light there…lol…may be silly, but I have NOT SEEN THE LIGHT AS OF YET….ARGH!!!!


  • Mike

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