The Queen Killing Kings


It starts in the atmosphere. You can feel it enter your body. It becomes a part of you. It’s a feeling that causes your senses to come to life. Sounds ricochet through the room causing a sea of bodies to begin moving. Chills run down your spine as each song tells a story. The music of The Queen Killing Kings invokes memories of childhood stories. Your mind brings you to a fantasy from long long ago. Each song brings your mind and body deeper and deeper into your own imagination. As descriptive tales carry you through dungeons and dark woods you feel the energy. Suddenly you remember that you are watching The Queen Killing Kings. You watch in amazement as Coley paints images with his lyrics. You look up and notice that the beats that were carrying you through these imaginary lands are being produced by Dan and his amazing talent on drums. Joe keeps us in line with the deep penetrating sounds of bass guitar. Backing up Coley with vocals and additional help on keys is Zac. These talented musicians all work together to form The Queen Killing Kings. The band just signed with Wind-up Records. With a full schedule and a record coming out in the near future, these guys are ready to reach stardom. The Queen Killing Kings has a sound like no other band. They play lounge and rock, tied together with deep, dark lyrics which cause you to wander through a medieval journey in your mind. The Queen Killing Kings have a fresh, creative sound that needs to be heard. I saw the band play tonight at Cafe Nine  in New Haven. I got a chance to talk to the guys before and after the show. They seem to all be on the same track as far as becoming a successful band. If The Queen Killing Kings come to your town, make sure to check them out…you will not be disappointed. And don’t hesitate to talk to the band either. I showed up as a fan and left as a friend. Enjoy!!


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