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A couple of weeks ago I read an article in Men’s Health. The article was all about fasting and the health benefits of doing so. I know many religions have certain types of fasting but since I do not partake in any religion, I have never experienced it. The article talked about reducing weight, which made sense. It also mentioned reducing risks of high blood pressure, high cloesterol, diabetes and cancer. This all sounded very interesting. I am currently enrolled in a Nutrition and Diet class in my University. We had to pick a topic in which we would do a presentation. I thought the article on fasting would be perfect. The data was there and the article seemed interesting enough to milk a presentation out of. What did I know about fasting though? “Uhhh, Indians and Muslims do it.” Yeah, that was not going to fly with me. The article said that fasting for 36 hours/week would be able to offer the benefits of better health. “Ok, I’m gonna do it!”, I said to myself. My ol’ Lady and I just went away to Vermont for the weekend. I knew we were going away, which ultimately parallels with stuffing ourselves full of “vacation food.” We proceeded to stop at the Cabot cheese factory and sample every piece of cheese they had. We went to a chocolate store and had samples of chocolate too. We also went out to several restaurants while we were up there. I though “What better time to try this fasting than when I get back?” We left Vermont on Monday morning. I decided I would start my fasting then. My last meal was around 7pm on Sunday evening. I am basing my 36 hours on midnight. It is now midnight, which means I have gone a full 24 hours without eating. I have been drinking water and fruit juices and had coffee in the morning. I am actually not even hungry right now. I feel a little light headed and dizzy, but more concentrated too. Why am I fasting? First off, I want to give this presentation with full knowledge of how fasting affects you. Secondly, I want to know that I have the will power to do this. At noon on Tuesday I imagine myself stuffing down a few double cheeseburgers from McDonalds, in reality probably not. Fasting is supposed to decrease appetite too,probably leaving me with a bite or two of a burger before I feel ill. Anyway, I am tired and need my energy for writing a paper. Enjoy!!


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2 responses to “Fast way to good health

  • Romi

    Interesting…I don’t know anyone who fasts and I had no idea that there were potential health benefits involved…and wow you’re like a guinea pig! Hahaha…this seems like a perfect topic for an assignment, especially with you getting involved yourself…I’m sure you’ll get an A+…but ummm don’t pass out, haha ;-)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- It actually feels great the next day. You feel more refreshed and focused, especially on flavors in your foods. I would recommend fasting, only if you are already healthy and don’t have a poor eating regimin.

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