R.I.P Jeremy Lusk

I have been out of the Moto-X scene for quite a while. I remember going to the races and feeling the wind whipping off the bikes as they flew by. The smell of 2-stroke filling my nostrils. We would have the best seats in the house because my step father would volunteer to be the track doctor. We would meet all the stars. I got autographs from Jeremy McGrath, Doug Henry, Ezra Lusk (no relation), Jeff Emig and all the best guys from the 90’s. I have a serious appreciation for Moto-X, I also used to ride. I know how it feels to pull a cool trick or get some big air off a jump and I also know how it feels to fall. I have crashed hard and I have had small injuries too. There is so much adrenaline flowing through your body and it feels so good to get out there and hit the jumps. I was riding back when tricks were limited and I have not really been keeping up with the sport that much. The tricks now are huge. I remember watching Carey Hart attempt the first back flip on t.v. He landed it…sort of. Since that day, there have been incredible new tricks performed. There have been double backflips, frontflips, variations of flips. It is incredible how extreme this sport has become. Many Moto-X riders have moved on to more extreme things. Travis Pastrana, who has broken every bone in his body more than once is now trying backflips in monster trucks. With extreme tricks comes tragedy. I remember when Doug Henry fell 80 feet out of the air and broke his back, only to return and win gold the next season. In 2007 Doug Henry fell again, he is now paralyzed from the waist down…he is working on another recovery and possible comeback. The X-games are the time to shine for these experts. Unfortunately for Jeremy Lusk, his trick was too extreme. Lusk was attempting to do a variation of a backflip. His trick is called the heart attack indian air backflip. Lusk seemed like he was going to land his trick but then he came up short on the rotation of the flip. The front tire struck the landing of the jump causing him to be ejected from the bike. He hit the ground head first and the bike landed on top of him. He continued to roll along the ground and then his lifeless body was seen sliding across the dirt. Lusk was rushed to the hospital, where surgery was performed. Lusk suffered from extensive head and spinal chord injuries. The injuries were too serious, Lusk was pronounced dead on February 9th. As a lover of extreme sports, this is very difficult to hear about. I still ride BMX and love to perform tricks. My passion for BMX will always live in me. I also used to skateboard as a teen. Once you experience the joy of riding and doing tricks, a passion is built inside of you. It is evident that Jeremy Lusk had a passion for Motocross. His passing is a real loss for the extreme sports world. I wish his family, friends and fellow riders all the best in this time of loss. R.I.P



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2 responses to “R.I.P Jeremy Lusk

  • Otto Mann

    Thats sad news. These guys know the risk they take.

    My condolences to his family and friends. :-(

  • jcow81

    @Otto- Yeah, sure there is a huge risk but if nobody tried these tricks the sports world would be pretty lame. Do you want to go to a sporting event and watch everybody do the same thing. Even sports like basketball are getting more extreme. The dunks and passes are incredible. Risk takers know that the end result could be death but they live to entertain. It is sad. I wouldn’t give up BMX for anything so I may have a biased opinion.

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