Lately I have been asking myself a lot of questions. I have been perfectly content with my life up until recently. Now, people are beginning to ask me why I am in school and what I am doing when I get out. I feel like my actions or lack of action is letting down friends and family. At the same time I look at myself and what I do not have and I really don’t know what to do. My job sucks and the pay is minimal, but I have benefits and I like my co-workers. My pay increases have also lowered because of the economy. I am not financially sound to commit to anything right now and  I sort of feel like I am letting people down. I have a good heart, but I don’ t think you get far with that. It all comes down to money! I think I will just start robbing banks…who else is in? As far as my future, I would like to do something in the future with writing. I also have a creative imagination and have come up with several invention ideas. The problem once again is money. It costs a lot to get a patent and to get a product on the market. So, I guess my only saving grace is writing. If anyone has ideas I would love to hear them, otherwise you may see me on the 6 o’clock news running from the police with $100 bills flowing from my pockets.


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11 responses to “Futures

  • Otto Mann

    eight babies AT ONCE, that is.

  • san

    I feel you. It’s terrible how with so many things in life, it comes down to money :(
    I wish I was anywhere near a place where I feel totally comfortable and didn’t have to worry.

  • Romi

    The scary thing is my friend, that once you start chasing money-dreams, you realize it’s a never-ending thirst, and in the end all you’re left as is empty and resentful…hence, keep on the track that you’re on!!! :-) The people in your life who love you now didn’t start off loving you for the money, and that won’t change! I mean yes it is always nicer to have more comfort and a sense of security, but in the end it’s society that convinces you you’re not doing enough or that you should be providing more, and if society isn’t an actual friend of mine that can take me to the bar and get me drunk (lol), then “society” is not an opinion I will listen to! ;-)

    So keep dreaming big and squeeze it in your life however you can. Take it from someone who knows, ’cause I’ve got my dreams and an empty sack of money, along with a slightly mundane 9-5 job that keeps me afloat. So if a guy wanted me for my money, he’d look the other way, so I’ll just remember that there are other features that I might be able to pimp out, and my dreams and passion are hopefully a couple of those things…lol.

    Alright, off to get dressed for yet another week in the 9-5 ;-)

  • jcow81

    @Otto- Damn! I thought that too! The only thing with that is that we might get endorsements and a t.v. show. That would rake in the money. Woo hoo!!

    @San- It is tough out there, especially today. I just feel bad that I have to try to impress. I try to do my best. I have never tried to be someone I am not. Oh well. I think in terms of money…which I don’t have. Haha. Big Circle!

    @Romi- Ah dear friend, you really do have a way of changing perspectives. Your rhetoric takes my bad thoughts and beats them like they owe it money. I know that we are not alone in the world of financial difficulties. I like floating along in my little world thinking it feels alright. Then Ute comes and attaches a reality anchor to my ankle and brings me into the real. I don’t want to drown like everyone else but she worries about it and then those worries are transferred to me. Ugh! I guess I will have to try to pimp out my pasion too. That’ll be 15 cents for reading this post!!

  • Steffi

    Hm, I know it’s not easy, but you shouldn’t think what you don’t have and what you are not. You should try and think about what you achieved in your life and that you are a great person.
    I know that is not always easy, and I have enough days in my life where I think my job is not the right one for me and I would like to get out of here and do something totally different.
    But then on the other hand I know it is what I choose in the past.

    Money is sadly always a big issue. The situation over here is not good as well at the moment and it looks like we have short working hours from March on.
    I try to be relaxed and just carry on. It will work out some way or another.

  • Romi

    hahaha…fifteen cents you will not get (loser, lol), but it’s okay to have a reality anchor too; think of it as a balance, and the relationships that prosper are the ones with balance. She worries because the world is a scary place especially with today’s financial crises, but if all else fails just remind her and yourself: the richest homes are the ones that are filled with love, and a home like that is the one any child deserves to grow up in!

    Awww….say “aww” with me, because a cheesier moment on a Monday you will not get ;-)

  • jcow81

    @Steffi- Thank you. I try to be relaxed. I am probably too relaxed and that is why Ute feels more pressure. I can’t change my “cool as a cucumber” mentality though. That is one of the reasons people dig who I am. I guess I can try to pretend that I care…haha. No, I think that will lead to more problems. I take things as they come, you can’t change it…unless you win lotto. Good luck with your situation over there.

    @Romi- Wow, this is a nice thred going on here. Did I strike a chord among readers? Now it’s 30 cents! Yes, you definitly get my heart felt “AWWWW!” Thanks. I love to look at the balance in everything. I can see good in monsterous men. I can see the upside of a horrid situation. That is who I am. I am a total optimist. I am also a Libra, my sign is a scale (balance king beeotch!!). Did i seriously just use the word Beeotch? Oh well!

  • Romi

    If you are a Libra then it totally makes sense; I am an Aries yet in the last year or so I have uncovered an unfailing optimist’s view of life…doesn’t exactly fit with my aggressive & destructive Aries profile, but you know I like to be different, haha.

    And yes my friend, you have definitely struck a chord; life for so many is defined by the continuous tension between responsibility/stabiilty and dream-chasing (watch Revolutionary Road if you don’t believe me, haha). The clearest truth for me is that I know I need a job and I DO want a decent roof over my head, but I also know that without having dreams and the passion to live them into “life”, I am only a zombie.

    It’s a different choice for everyone, so thanks for the chord-striking post…you can have your thirty cents now (but in fact you actually DID say “beeotch”, so that’s a ten-cent deduction ;-) )

  • nieschu

    wow could we not publicly discuss my needs and wishes? that’s what I do at my blog and my blog is private for that reason! :) So no name calling please. and hey life sucks, but we have to make the best out of it. nothing is easy, and I wish I could care less but than we would be living on the street already. and trust me I have changed quite a lot to adjust to your lifestyle, so now it’s your time! you can do it. :)

  • jcow81

    @Romi- I worked on that movie. I may actually be in 2 scenes, unfortunately I heard it was too depressing. Haha. You are right! We should all have an optimist view point. Nothing good comes from negativity. Once you think in a positive way it is easier to see your dreams.

    @Wifey- I am sorry about this post. I edited it for you. I hope all is good now. I’m sure you will let me know if it is not. Haha. Thanks for commenting though. See you in an hour when I come to bed!

  • chloé

    hey sorry it’s taken me a while to respond (lol)
    where’s your wifes page you speak of(?)

    money can’t buy happiness & if you & your wife are happy with your current situation; why let others opinions get you down(?) :)

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