Is this real life?

I know I have felt like this after a long night of drinking. I feel bad for this kid though. He is high out of his mind and does not want to be at all. I just found it really funny. Any similar experiences out there? I never got put under at the dentist… so unfair! Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Is this real life?

  • Romi

    As I was watching this two of my friends came over to my cubicle and they were like “what the hell are you watching”?!?!?! Haha…we laughed our asses off!! I felt bad for the kid when he was like “is it gonna stay like this forever?!”!”!….aww…but so hilarious :-) ….”you have four eyes!”…lol

  • jcow81

    @Romi- I know! I feel so bad, yet it’s so funny. I guess I can laugh since the father is the one video taping. Haha. I’m glad your colleagues enjoyed it too. “I have two fingers!”

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