Invisible Is Coming…

This past December I dedicated my blog page to The Invisible Children. The Invisible Children are working to help individuals that have been affected by the War in Uganda. They are also working to stop the abduction of children by the Lords Rebel Army (LRA). For the past several years IC has made improvements in these people’s lives. Americans have joined together and offered help in many different ways. Some people have offered their services, donations, product purchases or just getting the word out. IC is far from done. The Invisible Children are coming! They are coming to England, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, The United States, Australia and Scotland. Be on the look out and help out if you can. You have already made a difference just by reading this.


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4 responses to “Invisible Is Coming…

  • San

    Ah, this is exciting. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. J loved the shirt that I got him for Christmas.

  • jcow81

    @San- Thank you again for making that purchase. I am glad he likes it. It helps IC in two ways, you make a donation and now he is advertising with the shirt and people become aware. Thanks!

  • Romi

    I am so glad you’re keeping your audience informed about this!

    PS: and to add to San’s comment, boy did I get a lot of hoots and hollers when I posted a pic of myself in my Invisible Children t-shirt! (along with the link of course, and an encouraging note for others to buy a shirt and look as hot as me, hahaha ;-) )

  • jcow81

    @Romi- I thank you again as well for your support. I hope IC comes to your area of Canada eh. You can sport your t-shirt and show THEM how hot you look in it. Haha. Thanks.

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