His first day back…


He woke up that morning and didn’t want to leave the warmth of his bed. His wife had left the apartment an hour earlier. He finally stumbled out of bed 1/2 hour after the alarm had gone off. He planned to shower and eat breakfast but his procrastination had gotten the best of him. It was now 40 minutes before class and he noticed, in the mirror, that his hair game was fucked. He wet his head and then quickly tried to dry in while fixing the out of place pieces. When he finished with his hair, he decided to put his contacts in. Now it was 1/2 hour before class. He got his clothes on and ran to his car. He printed out all of his papers the evening before, saving him from doing it this morning. He drove off but it was so cold that the car moved very slowly. He looked in the rear-view mirror and to his disappointment, his hair was still not to his liking. “Oh well, next time you can take a shower like you planned.” he laughed to himself, knowing that there would be many more mornings like this one. His mind was wandering now, wondering what his first day back to school would be like after a month long break. He arrived to the campus and drove to the parking garage “Fuck!”, the garage was full. He now had five minutes to get to class and had to park on the other side of campus and walk. He found a spot and trekked it across campus. He made it to the hall in which his class was in. He had 1 minute to get to class before he was late. He had never met his professor before so it was hard to say how she would react to tardiness, especially on the first day. He walked through the door, two minutes late. The class was almost full. He walked by the professor, who was explaining the syllabus, and he quietly apologized. The professor said it was no problem. “Whew…ok, let’s get to work”. He took out his stuff for class and began taking notes. The first class of the semester was Modern British Novel. The title is much scarier than the content of the class. As the professor described the syllabus in detail he sat back and smiled to himself. He knew this class would be ok. His second class of the day was German. He had taken German before, with the same professor. He knew almost every student in his class. The 50 minute class went by in no time and he realized that this class would also be good. It was time to go home. He got in his car with a feeling of satisfaction and high spirit. “When I go home I think I’ll write a blog post about my first day he thought.” He sat down at the computer and began to write. “His first day back…”


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4 responses to “His first day back…

  • nieschu

    glad you a nice day. glad you liked the classes i picked out for you. haha. :) you need to get up when the alarm clock goes off though, bad bad hubby! :) i will miss you tonight, no one there to pick me up at the train station, how sad. kisssesssssss

  • jcow81

    @Schatzi- I cant help getting up late. I’m not used to the early schedule…besides I would get out of bed earlier if it were warmer but my silly wife sleeps with the window open in the winter.

  • san

    Glad you had a good day at school, Justin! How’s the German class coming along? :)

  • jcow81

    @San- Thank you. Deutsch ist sehr gut aber Ich muss mehr Deutsch sprechen. =)

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