Not Lovin it!


The all too familiar American economic struggles are spilling over into the food industry now. Americans have turned to comfort foods. While businesses like Starbucks and other upscale eateries are bankrupt, McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants are pulling in more customers. I do believe that Dick and Mac McDonald would be upset with what McDonald’s has done now. Fast food restaurants are now replacing the most well known comfort foods from value menus with less costly items. The $1 menu Double Cheeseburger from McDonald’s is being replaced with the McDouble, which is essentially the same but contains one slice of cheese oppose to the current two slices. I know it sounds reasonable but when you have become accustomed to ordering this item for years you do not want to purchase a cheap substitute. The Double Cheeseburger price was raised to $1.19. Wendy’s also removed the 5 piece chicken nuggets from their 99 cent value menu. This seems like a way for these fast food restaurants to capitalize during a tough economic time in America. Is my inner fat kid just getting angry or am I bringing up a valid subject. Why should McDonald’s worry about gaining 20 cents per double cheeseburger when there has already been a shift in customers dining at upscale places to customers eating fast food? This seems unfair.


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