Exposing Scum in America


I was told that I should write about an issue going on in the healthcare system. It’s not my style to sell anyone out, but I will bring a problem to light. We all know that America is lacking in the healthcare department. Hopefully that will soon change. Unfortunately the problem will most likely get worse before it gets better. Insurance companies seem to rule the universe right now and this is the biggest problem. For those individuals who cannot afford healthcare, it is possible to obtain government assistance. The government will assist you if you can prove that you are categorized under the poverty level. This means that you cannot afford the necessities, let alone the luxuries of life. This means that the government will allow you to purchase certain foods, beverages, supplies and healthcare at no cost. This is kind of like a personal government bailout. The individuals in Connecticut that are on this plan are given a grey card that acts as a multiple card. The I.D. number on the card is entered at the pharmacy or doctors office and allows for free service. The card can be swiped at the grocery stores and markets as well and items can be purchased for free. The problem is that the government cannot check up on everyone. A colleague of mine noticed that a lot of the “state” patients, who were coming in and getting prescriptions for free at the pharmacy, were dressed nicer than she was. I decided to observe this phenomenon for myself. I began to notice some of these “poor” customers pulling out Coach Wallets and handbags or wearing Prada glasses. Many of these customers even owned their own businesses and drove luxury S.U.V’s. I could not believe it. My colleague was right. On several occasions we have had some government assisted patients ask if they could have a prescription filled early because they were going on vacation. WTF?! That is just wrong. That means that tax payers, such as me, are paying for these people to get assistance from the U.S. government, while they still enjoy everyday life. If you are broke, you are not dressed like a star or driving a Lexus. I cannot bring myself to the point of reporting these people but I hope their actions catch up with them. What are your thoughts?


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7 responses to “Exposing Scum in America

  • Otto Mann


    At least I’m hoping that’s the case. I hope that the bad thing they do will eventually catch up with them somehow.

    It helps me sleep at night.

  • san

    I am totally with you, Justin. To see that some people are abusing services that are really for the very poor, is disgusting. I am not sure how they actually got government assistance, because on the one hand it seems so “hard” to actually get approved, but then again, it can’t be so hard when those people get it.

    I had my fair share of experience with the US health care system so far and I have to say, I don’t like it AT ALL. I hope Obama will do something about it.

  • jcow81

    @San- Thank you for agreeing. I can’t believe that these people can be so low. The picture I attached to this post was supposed to show a message as well, when you try to fuck the U.S. government you only hurt yourself. I hope all the best for Obama, he is already starting to do some good by shutting Gitmo. Thanks for the input.

  • jcow81

    @Otto- I agree with you. I just don’t understand how people can go through life ripping off the system. Certain systems do need to be changed but when you try to maliciously attack them, you only hurt yourself and others…like a drive-by shooting! Haha.

  • Romi

    Maybe I am naive but I had no idea this phenomenon occurs; you know a lot of people often accuse those who are actually poor of being lazy, and then judge them for using any kind of social assistance. But what do you even say about people who are perfectly well off, but are blatantly abusing a social system? I don’t think you say ANYTHING, I think you track them down witch-hunt style, and then have some fun in a torture kind of way…okay, maybe I am being a little evil (lol), but you know…kind of infuriating!!! At least you are exposing them here, that’s a start!

  • omegaradium

    This is the kind of crap that really pisses me off! The same sort of thing is going on anywhere along the border. Financial Aide is a broken an outdated system!

    US Kids who’s parents work in Mexico as very successful lawyers, engineers, administrators, etc are able to receive excessive amounts of financial aide since their US Citizen parent’s exclude any/all income made from their careers in Mexico from their US Tax Returns. These kids receive practically free college, and have enough financial aide money to “pimp out” their cars or go on shopping sprees. While my “undeserving” ass is stuck paying out of pocket for all my college expenses and scrounging every penny I earn.

    I say, cut off all these “hand outs” and let those bastards burn!

  • jcow81

    @Omegaradium- I totally understand. I too am a college student who receives minimal help from the government. I think that grants and scholarships should be given to only those who are deserving of them. If someone WANTS to go to school, to make something of themselves and join the workforce, they should be granted access. The government in the U.S. is ass backwards and it needs to be entirely revised changed. We need to come forward and speak up in order to make a difference, otherwise nothing will change.

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