Lost & Found (part II)


His ploy paid off for a while. He began taking any item that people left behind. He even got several wallets and cell phones. He remembered how he was treated at the supermarket by the customers. He remembered how mean they were to him, even when he was so nice. This was payback. He loved the thrill. Nobody caught on. He would go to a lot of different stores in order to look less suspicious. Like any thrill, the excitement began to wind down after a few months. He needed something big. He was making enough money to get by but he wanted real money. He devised a plan that would completely change his plot. He thought about it for a couple of days and then decided he would go for it. He figured that his clean record would just get him a slap on the wrist if he was caught. He would execute his plan on the following Tuesday. The day was finally upon him. He waited in several stores that day. He watched as customers would go in and out of the stores without leaving anything behind. He visited several stores and finally in the fifth store on that Tuesday afternoon, he got his opportunity. He was sitting in a local pharmacy. He was sitting in the chairs, pretending to wait for a prescription. He was keeping a close eye on the counter. An old man walked up to the counter and he paid for his prescription and as he walked away he left his keys. He made his move. He grabbed the keys and ran to the front of the store. He made it out to the parking lot. As he looked back he could see that the old man had not even made it to the front of the store yet, he may have even realized that he left his keys and had gone back for them. He looked around the lot and figured out which car these keys belonged to. He hopped into the car started it up and left. This was the thrill he was waiting for. He had worked out a plan to steal a car and bring it to a chop shop. The only problem was finding a shop, it’s not like they advertise. He knew some guys from high school that had been arrested for some thefts; he knew they had not given up their infamous talents. He contacted them and they let him know where to bring a stolen car. He got $5,000 for a days work. He realized that he could get away with this for a short period of time. The money was too good. It was much better than selling canes and sunglasses to the pawn shop and occasionally coming across a wallet every couple of weeks. His plans had now been put into a higher gear. He would become a car thief.


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4 responses to “Lost & Found (part II)

  • Romi

    Oh okay, that one threw me for a loop…I was expecting him robbing a convenience store or something, but now that would’ve been to obvious…did not expect car thief, but ahem…what does he become next? I’m also wondering if he’ll progress to like murders and stuff..!

  • jcow81

    @ Romi- Haha. You are good. I like that you are pushing me to write more about this story. Writing this is making me want to do more of Spring Afternoons. I have been plotting this out and unfortunately I write it as it comes to me. I was told that I should not write like that but I can’t help it. Thanks for keeping up with me. I have been writing like mad.

  • Romi

    Oh I’m so glad you’ve been writing like mad! What I’ve found is that sometimes “writing it as it comes” is not such a bad thing; it’s just about finding the balance between planning things out and making sure you are free-flowing enough so that you don’t stifle your creativity…and if we all had a simple way of doing that…well then even a monkey could write, haha…anyway keep writing on, I’m watching you! (was that creepy? I meant it to be, hahaha ;-) )

  • chloé

    i had a look at the link, your wife has the most beautiful photographs
    i favoured her miscellaneous section :)
    truely lovely thankyou for showing me

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