Lost & Found (part I)


A life full of corruption and lies would ultimately destroy him. He devised an elaborate plan in order to make a lot of money. It all started as a thrill. He worked in a small supermarket. He was always polite and courteous, even when customers would give him a hard time. He would offer to carry out peoples bags to their cars. If someone was off a few cents on their purchase he would let it slide and cover it for them. One day he noticed how many people would leave things behind at the counter; Keys, sunglasses, canes, gloves, hats and wallets. This certainly left an impression in his mind. After a few years of working at the supermarket he decided it was time to quit. He left his job in pursuit of something better.

Months went by and there was no luck finding a job. “I can’t go back to the super market, It will look like I surrendered.” He said to himself. He thought about how the customers would ask questions like “Where have you been?” or “I haven’t seen you, have you been away?” He thought about all the ass kissing he would have to do. He thought about the re-training and the fact that he would have to start over form the bottom. Then he remembered something. He remembered the customers. Thoughts of the countless items being left at the register filled his mind. The keys! That is when he made his decision. He made a decision that would change his life forever.

It started out small. He would go to stores and hang out near the cash registers and wait, until he either got suspicious looks or nothing happened. Then he saw it, a customer left their keys. He made his move. He went to the counter and bought a pack of gum and grabbed the keys. He looked for anything profitable on the keys. “Ha, a prepaid gas tag!” he thought. He paid and left with the keys. He took the gas tag off of the keys and ran after the customer. “Excuse me! Ma’am, you left your keys on the counter.” The woman was so excited to see someone being nice that she didn’t think twice about the gas tag that previously hung on the key ring. He realized that he had gotten away with it. He used the key tag a couple of times before it was cancelled, always making sure to use gas stations with no cameras. He thought “This is really going to pay off.” And this was just the beginning…


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2 responses to “Lost & Found (part I)

  • Romi

    oooh…he starts off so innocent…starts with gas tags, ends with…robbing a bank? Murrrder? Who knows, but don’t wait too long on posting your Part II… ;-) (and I like the line it starts with, because now I wonder what extent of corruption and lies is ahead later on in the story)

    PS: I like that I’m getting to read your fictional style of writing…a new side I haven’t seen before :-)

  • jcow81

    @ Romi- Yeah, I am trying something a little bit different. I swear that Spring Afternoons was fiction though. Ute thinks I want to kill her in her sleep. I wont…yet. Haha. Thanks.

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